Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gone for a while.......

See this amazing lady,
I am gone to spend some time with her, laughing,
talking and just remembering what it is like to be with my mom. I will catch you on my return.
Pray that my little family can handle mom being gone for a whole week - time for Dad to shine.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Simple Things

It was an average day, time for lunch.

So the man and I met at Costco to do two things: get a hot dog and drink combo and get him a card.

As we were walking out a woman coming in was smiling at us, she meet my gaze and I wondered what she was smiling at.

As we approached each other she stopped in our path and said the following,

" I love to see couples holding hands, you must be in love."

This comment stopped me, we always hold hands when we are out together and I never really think about it. Is it cause I love this man dearly or that we have been together so long that going with him and not holding his hand would seem like going outside without my sunglasses?

At any rate it made me wonder, is PDA just for the younger generation or do we have a better handle on what true love really looks like........♥

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Monument

Before He sent His children to earth
gave each of them
a very carefully selected package
of problems.

He promised, smiling
Are yours alone, no one
else may have the blessings
these problems will bring you.

And only you
have the special talents and abilities
that will be needed
to make these problems
your servants.

Now go down to your birth
and to your forgetfulness. Know that
I love you beyond measure.
These problems that I give you
are a symbol of that love.

The monument you make of your life
with the help of your problems
will be a symbol of your
love for me,

Your Father.

Blaine M. Yorgason

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moving Day.....again

Things are all amiss in my home.
I have taken pictures off the walls.
I have lovingly put mementos and items that I have not seen for a long time back into the darkness of the box that they will call home for at least 7 months.My nice furniture has been wrapped with cling wrap in the hopes that they will stay nice looking through yet another move.
There are pathways through the house, piles of belongings that I will be putting away in a garage to wait for another time to come out again.

And amidst all this mess, there is some peace. Many people have said that this is really a raw deal. How can you handle all this? I do not know where the strength is coming from when I feel every fiber in my body scream out from lack of sleep, lack of proper nourishment and that feeling that this just might be the straw that breaks my back. But every morning I pull myself up off the floor and go back to packing, cleaning and moving forward to our next destination. How do I do it?

A friend sent this to me and I would like to share it with you......
She told a story about a boy and his mother. The mother was embroidering and the boy looks up at her from playing on the floor and asks what she's doing and that it really looks messy from where he's sitting. She explains that she's embroidering and that if he went to play then came back after a while she'd show him what it looked like on her side from her lap---this is like Heavenly Father embroidering our lives. Sometimes we look up and think, boy this is a mess, but if we have Faith that after a while we'll sit on his lap and see the beautiful side of the embroidering then we can make it through the messy parts of life.
This is my life, it is a big old mess, but in a while it will be beautiful again and I will be able to know that with my Father in Heavens' help that I made it through another rough spot and will have something wonderful to remember it by. The memory of a wonderful woman that gave me life, faught a good fight and found rest at the end of the road.
And so we go on........