Friday, July 31, 2009

Birthday Bash

Sweet-boy got invited to a great Birthday Party. It was all about water which is always a big hit. Happy Birthday to Miss B!!!
They played water games and had a blow-up slip-n-slide. If I knew the thing could take it I would have been going down. What fun for the kids.
One of the many trips down the slide for my guy.
The best part was the pool the kids splashed into at the bottom.

Then they had a pinata` that was really crazy to hit.

I love watching the kids chasing all the candy. It was the best too - Tootsie Rolls and bubble gum - yummy.

Showing mom his stash and I am already picking out what I want.

Funny part of the party is that Sweet-boy had another loose tooth that he has been hanging on to. So he went down the slide rather crazy and came up with a bloody mouth and a tooth no longer in his mouth. Yahoo he had lost his tooth and had a great time doing it.
Another great water day and the anticipated visit from the tooth fairy.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hind Sight

As most of you know we moved to Boise in June. The Man got a job with the company that first got us to move to Boise back in 1998. It has been wonderful to fall back into the slower pace of Boise. To see old friends again and renew those friendships. It has also been a blast to be just down the street from my BFF. There is nothing like talking on the phone for an hour about nothing even after we just spent the morning together. Even though we have been here such a short time it feels like home, a place where we can really see ourselves for long term. I almost think that is really something that we will never have. I think the longest that we have stayed in one place was our West Jordan, Utah home and that was five years.

As we settled in and unpacked boxes, the rumblings began. The Man was frustrated with the work set-up. I do not blame him, having three people think they are your boss and telling you three different things is enough to make anyone INSANE. But for my man, it was really difficult. Then there was the un-spoken expectations that were not met and then as with most companies the word from above that non-revenue generating positions were going to be eliminated. The BIGGEST reason we took this position was for the stability of money. We have done commission for so long that I wanted....... no we needed the stability of something to rely on. Yes, I think commission is great but the good months are few and far between and just try telling the bill collector that it was a slow month. So needless to say that last one hired is always the first one fired. So he and a few others were notified that their positions were being eliminated. They have given us the option to take a Sales Position in another city, but it requires a long commute for my hubby and us moving again.

Is that why I did not unpack every single box?

Is that why I began to feel the need to keep our boxes?

Is that why I have begun to feel sad?

Why, when everything about this move felt so right?

Why when I discussed this decision with the Lord did I feel it was what we needed to do?

Why yet again do I have to face my children's' faces, as they are making friends and settling in and tell them that we have to do it all over again?


Then I remember that He said the road was going to be long, it was not going to be easy, but together we could do it! I guess that in remembering that, I feel better about things. He has a plan for us, even though I feel that we are just a lost ship being tossed about on the sea's. He does have a reason and maybe in a year I will see it; maybe I will never see it but there is a reason for things in our life. That is what I have to hold on to. That no matter what my address is, my family is still together. That no matter how many times I move my belongings it is another step in my journey through life that either makes me better or helps me loose 10 pounds from the physical exertion. That in the end it is just a move, it is just stuff and that as long as I support my husband, love my family and be the best that I can, He will help in my shortcomings.

At least that is what I am telling myself today.
Tomorrow might be the day that I start to cry.........and can't stop for a while. But even in the sorrow that I feel for yet another loss - this is life and it is our roller-coaster and really I would not want it any other way.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Roaring Springs

We are all about things to do that involve water, if some of you have not noticed. Our dear friends got us tickets to go to Roaring Springs. So we loaded up the kiddos headed to the park and were there when it opened - something that I have never done on any theme park. We found some good seats and layered on the sunscreen and headed out for a full day of water fun.

Somewhere in there Sweet-boy is getting dumped on, best thing they ever invented for kids.

My Drama Queen getting ready to tackle as many rides as possible. Her favorite is still the Lazy River - she swims while mom floats along.

We were right by the kiddy pool area and they have a great slide to go on. Sweet-boy loved that and the wave pool. Here he goes.

Whooshing past me.......

His kind of slide.
I think after the scary white roller coaster at Lagoon he is going for slow and not so scary.

Kicking back in the shade. The Man was not up for too much fun. He hurt his hand on the kids scooter back in June and is still wearing a splint. I think we might have a fracture but you know men and doctors.......and that is all I am gonna say about that one.
Six hours in the sun - baking.
Lunch of high priced concession food,
time spent with good friends and family - priceless!!
A very tired but happy boy and another great day together.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Trip to Utah

It was time to head to Utah and visit the family along with some appointments that we needed to square away. We packed up the car and headed to my parents home to spend the week. Upon arrival we had to make sure that the trains were set up. No trip to Grandpa's is complete without the train set on the floor for all to play with.Making sure that there were plenty of mishaps with the bridge.
Look mom, the bridge is out again. All this fun began at the crack of dawn and went till bedtime every night. But you gotta love G&G for letting them leave it out.

Next we went to Lagoon. I love this place and this was the year that Sweet-boy was finally able to do all the rides. So what does Grandpa suggest but to go on the old white roller-coaster first. Sweet-boy survived the coaster but he was not so sure he wanted to go again on the ride. But he did try alot more then last year and that is great. Drama Queen on the other hand is a total adrenaline junky - the faster the ride the better and she dragged me along on each and everyone. That is alright cause I like the speed too.
Merry-go-round, tearing up the town.

Grandpa and Sweet-boy on the Odyssey ride. It gets you wet but not as wet as some of them.

We had such a great day and it was over too soon. The best would have been if The Man could have been there, but someone had to work. We will sure be going back for another day of fun.

Another day we went to the Oquirrh Temple Open house. We had to wait in a tent that had big tubes pumping in the air-conditioning.

Sweet-boy loved standing in front of that and being blown away.
It was amazing and so beautiful. The kids loved it and were so glad that G&G were there to enjoy it too.

My wonderful family - I love you guys!!!

Still a handsome couple after all these years.

Lastly it was our annual trip to Ragging Waters. Thank you again Dr. Madsen we love our trips there.
It was a wonderful time to go to Utah, perfect weather, wonderful company and alot of time with my most favorite people in the world.

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Anniversary Present

When The Man and I got married, I had an okay full bed set. The Man said that was not good enough so we went to the local furniture store and he selected the bedroom set that has stayed with us for thirteen years.
I hated it!!!
It looked cheap, it was cheap and with all the changes in location you would think it would have gotten dinged up - no. He told me that when we got our first house we would get my dream bedroom set, when we did this and that....... On and on it went the promise of that nice bedroom set. Finally after 14 years of waiting, it happened. I got to go in and forget about the cost and get the bed that I have always wanted. Setting it up was better than any present I remember getting. It was here, my new KING sized mahogany sleigh bed with matching Hutch and night stands.

It is luxury and then some.

The best part is that we all can fit on the bed. There is room. No more playing hot dog in the bed. The Man and then Sweet-boy on the edges and mom stuck in the middle wondering why body parts are going numb.
Thank you Honey!!!
I love our new bedroom set, it was SO worth the fourteen years that I had to wait for it.
Happy Anniversary.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Our next adventure.
Just outside of Boise there is a place in the middle of no where, on the road to Elko if you miss the turn, that is just amazing. As you drive up there are these gigantic mountains of sand and in the middle of them is a river area. This was our next adventure - Bruneau Sand Dunes.
It was a perfect day. A dusting of clouds, calm water and the place almost all to ourselves.
We set up our stuff and quickly started exploring the water. It was wonderful as it never got any deeper then my waist so I knew the kids were safe to go out swimming.
It was cold and took a while to get used to, but once they were in, they were in that water.

The sand dunes were white sand and the water sand was black. It was a stark contrast but one that we really enjoyed and the rocks, all different kinds. We quickly filled a bucket with rock treasures to bring home and look up on the internet.

Look at the happy kids. If it has water in the adventure they are truly happy.

Look at my happy feet. Too bad the water and sand did a number on my pedicure. It was time for another one anyway.

There were reeds all along the edges and some kind of water grass that the kids thought would be great to gather and make.......
...........a nest out of.
This was the monster's from the deep green kelp nest, or so I was told.
I had forgotten my watch and so we had to rely on the sun for our time que. We finally got loaded up and on the road at 5:30pm. It had been a long, but wonderful day with my kids. I love our adventures and sharing these wonders with them. They asked if we could do this again too, of course. But next time we want to make sure that Daddy can come too.
Tomorrows adventure is going to be the best yet - they get to clean the house.

Monday, July 13, 2009


The morning dawned and the kids and I were off for the first of many adventures. First we went to the local Free Summer Kids Movies and enjoyed a free show and very over-priced concession food. Then it was time to go exploring.
Now the last time that we had been to most of these places there was only one kid and DQ was barely 3 at the time. So I thought it was time to re-acquaint the kids with the wonders of our town.
There is a park in Downtown Boise that has BIG trees and a great play area, that after seven years is still in the full sun. But it is a great place to start the adventure. We swung on the swings and marveled at the wild but tame wildlife in the park - squirrels.
I have to laugh each time I see one. Story coming: Last time Idaho was our home, my brother was living in Japan and I commented to him that we had so many squirrels here. He told me that there were no squirrels in Japan as the locals used their meat in dishes and had eaten all the squirrels there. So I feel lucky for our American squirrels, no worry of that happening.

The kids in amazement over how tame they are and how close they will come to you for a nibble of PB&J.

Walking along the Greenbelt to our next destination, the MK Nature garden. I love this place, so many things to see and learn about. We loved walking around and reading all the signs.
Looking into the pond that had the biggest fish I had ever seen.
Sweet-boy looking into the water at some fish.

The fish got bigger as we went along.

My little adventurers ready for the last stop on our journey. Along the greenbelt is an area that actually goes into the river. It is calm and protected and a great place to get wet on a hot day and the best part is that no one is gonna scream cause a rock got thrown, or the sand was moved or even that we used the tree limbs to make our own dam in the river. It was a total hands on nature fun time and we loved it.

The kids tried to stay dry but in the end, we were all really wet.

You know it is a good day when the kids ask if we can come back tomorrow.