Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Parties and Pumpkin Carving

Here is the gang ready to go out and haunt everyone.... I had so much fun scaring the kids.
Yes that is me as Death.
Over the weekend we had a visit from the best Grandparents ever!!!

Sweet-boy just loves his grandpa!!! Sweet-boy at his class party.

I fixed his Optimus Prime costume so he could walk better. Gotta love felt and a glue-gun! Sweet-boy's teacher. She was so funny in her costume. What a sweet face.

Drama Queen in her costume and her favorite pj's.

I love the look of them together, don't you?With the class parties done we were off to our next activity, carving pumpkins. Sweet-boy wanted to take a picture of the insides of his pumpkin.

The Man looking for the face in his pumpkin.
Drama Queen loved pulling out all the "guts" of all the pumpkins. Sweet-boy done carving his pumpkin.

Behold the finished pumpkins. We are ready for a night of Trick-or-Treating.

Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

You've all been Boo-ed!!!

This is such a cute picture and I know that you want to take it.
Go on, you can really have it. Motherboard gave it to me and I want everyone to get Boo-ed before the big day.
So if you have not been "Boo-ed" take this and add it to your blog.
Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The tale of Three Little Pumpkins'

Three little pumpkins start out for the night,
dreaming of Halloween tricks and delight.
Along the way they get distracted,
by a six-pack nicely wrapped'd.
One sips, not too bad,
try two, now three and four, I'm feeling glad.
The night goes on in a blur,
this partying all night is great, for-sure.
Along comes the sun to awaken the brood,
but we find them all. in. a. mood.
Ones head is aching, the other just hurts,
the last one is moaning then turns and he spurts.
Poor little pumpkin, his merriment gone,
wishing he hadn't tagged along.
Dreaming of candy and tricks and treats,
instead of heaving on some guys street.
The moral dear pumpkin for this sad little tale,
Candy is better, avoid the ale.

So sorry for my attempt at being witty.

I got these pictures as an e-mail and just could not pass up the fun and a friendly reminder to be careful and safe this Halloween.

Happy Sugar Coma Day!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween *$%^&#* Costumes!

Generally I enjoy Halloween.

It is one of my favorite holidays and the kick off to all the best ones to come. In a perfect world I have discussed with the kids their desired costume for that year by August and by month end of September it is ready, hanging and just waiting for that magical night to finally be worn. This year - forget it. I delayed! I didn't even want to think about costumes, let alone the time needed to complete any outfit. So I waited and procrastinated even beyond the safe time needed to order something. Why was I so surprised to find all the costumes SOLD OUT when I finally got on line. I blog everyday and I could not check on the costumes, what was I thinking.....? Needless to say the problem still remained, two kids and no costumes for them. Okay, I can do this I have the machine, I have the desire (sorda), I can make them costumes.

We begin.
Disclaimer: I took sewing in High school. It was a disaster. I do not do patterns, I do not do instructions. I feel boxed in, stifled, my creative energy snuffed out when guidelines have to be followed. Needless to say my teacher just shook her head and in the end gave me a very acceptable B- for my many, many, many attempts that just did not seem to ever look like the picture.
Thus, we begin the formulation of a plan for Drama Queens' outfit. All I have to go from is a black/white page from the Internet. Boy is this going to be fun.......
I think I pinned thrice and sewed once. It was annoying to Drama Queen that had to come over so I could measure and re-measure and then pin, then try on and then re-measure again and then sew and try on yet again.

I always consider it a great accomplishment to get to the sleeves. If I could just do a big square with no sleeves I would be in sewing heaven. Curse you sleeves and zippers.

We are complete. Three broken needles, interfacing that gummed up the machine resulting in the need to staple the last hem and we are done. It is nothing like the picture, but she is happy with it and I can state that project is done.
Drama Queens' version minus the broom.

The much desired but completely sold out Internet version.
In the end $39.99 was a bargain for this compared to my pain and suffering.

Now that Drama Queen was all set it was time for Sweet-boy to get his costume. His was one that I thought would be easy to do with some card-board and lots and lots of colored Duct-tape. So I pulled out the measuring tape and began carving out the pieces. Turning 2-dimensional pictures into functional costumes is something I hope not to do again soon. Sweet-boy was really a good sports with all the measuring and testing of this and that to make it all come together. His costume was not as time consuming but still hard to make work. In the end this is what we got.

My version of Optimus Prime and the one that was $29.99 and completely gone as well. He was such a good sport about having it taped to him. He also had to develop a swagger to walk with all that card-board on him.

All this stress was in preparation for a Trunk-or-Treat at the church. They had great chili and corn bread. Games for the kids and a costume parade and then the high-light of the night..... Trunk-or-Treat.
This a great way to get candy and not go very far. All the cars park by each other, open up the trunks that are/are not decorated. So in about 30 minutes they get gobs of candy and then we all go home.
At the end of the night I think it was a good night. I asked the kids if they had fun and of course they did. Sweet-boy grabbed me and said, "Mom, the big boys knew what I was and they thought it was a cool costume!"
That says success to this tired Mom and for all my trouble they shared some of their candy with me and a big HUG.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Potatoe Man

I have a little chef that helps me when ever I get in the Kitchen. When Sweet-boy hears the Kitchen Aid mixer scrapping across the counter he comes running. For him it means, "I get to make cookies with mom."
But his favorite thing to help me with is cutting up potatoes and making rolls.

Tonite for dinner he cut up the potatoes, placed them in the pot and chopped them some more.

Then he worked on making those wonderful buttery crescent rolls.

It looks difficult but I think he was ready for the camera to go away.

I love having a little chef in the kitchen. I remember my brother always cooking up a storm and to this day he is a really good cook. Maybe Sweet-boy will take over and I can just show up at the table for a wonderful meal.....that would really be something for a mom to enjoy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just a Little Quirky

I was tagged by this incredible lady. So as any tag goes there are rules to follow and here they are: Link the person that tagged you, mention that there are rules on your blog, then tell 6 unspectacular quirks about yourself, then tag 6 fellow bloggers. Got it? Lets go.....


1. I cannot throw away anything that my children make at school. Every year I go to Target and purchase a big rubbermaid tub to hold all their masterpieces from school. I write their name, age and teachers name on it and start the hoarding. At the beginning of the next school year I go and look at what they did the year before and see how they have changed and grown. It is so fun and something that I am sure they will be annoyed with when they are older and I make them go through and get rid of it cause by them there will be 13 boxes for them to sort through.
2. I am a big time purger. When toys or pieces of a game get lost I feel that the item is damaged or not worth hanging on to so it gets sent to the DI or good will. At the end of a season I sort through clothes, shoes, anything and everything and get rid of it. I hate things lying around and not getting used.

3. I drive my car. The Man hates my car. So when we go anywhere in my car, I drive it.

4. I cannot go to sleep without doing the following routine. The kitchen must be clean, no dirty dishes waiting, or glasses laying about. I am happiest hearing the dishwasher running. The table cloth must be replaced on the table with chairs tucked in place. I turn off all the lights, check the doors to make sure that they are locked and make sure that the garage door is down and the outside lights are on. Then I proceed to the kids room, each one is re-tucked into bed, kissed on the forehead and stroked across the head to move hair away from sweet faces. Then I proceed to my room; fold down my bed, get a glass of water, check my alarm, climb into bed and read for a half hour, turn off the light, roll onto my tummy and go to sleep.

5. I cannot set a table. Okay let me clarify that one. I know that there needs to be a spoon, fork and knife around the plate but as far as where they go I have no idea nor do I care to learn. When we were first married my mom and her new husband were coming for dinner. I set the table in what I thought was the right way and awaited their arrival. As we sat down to eat they both commented on the unusual arrangement of the silverware. I thought there was nothing wrong with it, but in that moment I found out that my husband knew how to set a table. So when we have nice parties guess who gets to set the table - yep him. I am sure that he is wishing that he never mentioned that one to me.
6. I have a weekly routine that I have to follow or I get terribly lost. Monday is laundry day and general organize the week day. I make up my "To Do" list for everyday of the week. I also decide what we are eating for dinner that week and get the list together for the store. Tuesday is work in the yard day, pulling weeds, turning my soil and giving my plants some love. Wednesday is mow the lawn day and general errand day. Thursday is garbage day, make cookie day and any other job that needs to get done day. Friday is laundry day again and prep for weekend projects day. Saturday is project day or if no projects I work day. Sunday is church, maybe work and rest day. This is the day that I try to let loose on some of the rules and just enjoy being with my family day.
Bonus Quirky Habit:
I have normal hearing, no problems, no deficits, but for as long as I can remember I watch TV, listen to lectures/speaker, anything that requires a long time in listening with my head turned. It is always to the left so I look like I am looking at you out of the corner of my right eye. It makes people crazy that I do this. So The Man has to sit on my right side so he does no think that I am staring at him the whole time we are watching a movie.
Now if that isn't quirky I don't know what is??!
There is more but I do not want to frighten anyone......
Now that you know my quirky habits, lets find out more about these bloggy friends.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

That Snake!!!!

Yes, it happened again people!

That Snake found me again!
If you want to review how many posts I have on these wonderfully memorable visits, check here and here.

I innocently go out to get the mail and there he is, waiting for me. But this time he is not alone.... Oh, NO!!!
There is TWO of them out there waiting for me. I start screaming and scaring the kids walking home from school.
What do my kids want to do....?
Play with them, of course. Because there are two of them and no need to have to share them.
I think NOT!!!
Mean old Mom puts the Kabosh on that one.
We are moving them to the river/walking path behind our neighbors.
I mean really why do they not hang out there with all the bugs and weeds to slither through.
Drama Queen, my nature lover, grabs a snake and takes off.... (note her new purple finger wrap - we are cast-less and healing perfectly - wahoo). The Man trying to round one of them up. They were bigger then the last time.
This one had a bump in it. Some poor bug got GOT. I hope it was the Grasshopper that lived in our yard and loved to jump at me. Sweet-boy holding the "fat" one. Look at that happy face.
Walking the snakes over to the river.
I am done people!!!!
I am so tired of all the visits with snakes.
Why does it always have to be snakes??

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What a creative kid

It has been cold and snowy and just downright awful weather lately. So when that happens the Legos come out to play. My kids are very creative in their imaginative play. But, I am constantly amazed at the lengths that Drama Queen goes.
Since we are in the midst of creating Halloween Costumes, (that is another long story for another post ), she decided to make costumes for her Lego people.
Before the great transformation.

Meet Scarecrow Soldier, complete with cape, pin sword and yellow reflective thread for safety.

Next is one for Sweet-boy.

She is doing all this with a wrapped paw, what a trooper!!! This is Ghost Soldier - pompom ruffle and pin sword complete the outfit. Now that all the Lego People are properly dressed they must have a proper place to hold a Halloween Party. The building of the great house......
A place to crash when the sugar coma sets in.
All ready for the Halloween Party.
Today at 4pm, it is going to be a rocking place in Lego Land.

And something a little fun to watch.......I am just as excited about Twilight as you, but this is too funny!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun Halloween Crafts

I wanted to share two cute Halloween Projects with you.


Project #1

My cute mom sent this to the kids one Halloween.

They thought that it was so fun and easy to make and a great place to put a treat for their teachers.
What is needed:
2 paper sacks
1 witchy stick
raffia for bow
treats to put in bag

Broomstick Goody Bags

Take one bag and cut all sides down to the bottom of bag.

The more strips cut the better it looks.

Take the remaining bag and just cut the top 2 inches to help it match the outer bag.

Place your goodies in the second bag.

Place the goodie bag on top of the frayed bag, like so.

Place your witchy stick in the bag.
Then gather up the outer bag around the stick.
Hold in the center and tie on raffia.

There you have a great, CHEAP, Halloween goodie bag, or even just a cute decoration for the kids to make.


Project #2

Tye-Died Halloween Shirts from the October edition of FamilyFun Magazine. Click here for all the directions.

Here are my hints:

Make sure that you use large rubber-bands for the outline of the pumpkin. We did not! I had to take a paint brush and Clorox to make the pumpkin outline more noticeable. Also we let them soak for at least 3 minutes in the dye and it was dark. So I would let them sit for double the time it says. It was dark tangerine and came out really light orange. Other than that it was a really easy and fun activity.

Sweet-boy did the big one and loved wearing it to school.
Look at that adorable face.

Drama Queen did the smaller ones, I would recommend lots on the smaller ones, both front and back.

Both were adorable and so fun for a family project!!!

Happy Halloween!!!