Friday, February 20, 2009

Stupidest thing that happened to me all week

Normally stupid is considered a swear word in our home. I really despise that word, it is very belittling, but in some moments and certain situations there is just one word for things that happen in your life and this week STUPID is it!!!

All week long I have been smelling this awful, horrible, stinky, smell. It follows me where ever I go. I cleaned the house, took out the trash, put more Scentsy wax in my burners, and applied more perfume but, to no avail. It was always there, hanging in the air, that stench.


Now since the pregnancy of my son, I have a heightened sense of smell. I walk in a room and I can smell peoples feet, whether their trash is rank or even when the babies need to be changed before others. It is good but for me it has been a lingering curse. I am hyper-sensitive to smells and if something is too strong it makes me physically sick.


Fast forward to this week, I am beginning to get sick, the smell..... So last night while watching a movie I smell that smell, I lift up my shirt and look into an orfacice that I normally just ignore - my belly button. It is oozing with a foreign substance that looks like cottage cheese.

What the.......?

I grab Alcohol and fill up my belly-button reserve and scream with pain while it burns - that hurt!!! It hurt all night and made me even sicker to think that all that smell was coming from me.

Morning dawns and I am off to see the doctor. Can I just tell you how embarrassing that was.

Dr: So what are we seeing you for today?

Q: (in a timid voice) I have something oozing from my belly-button.

Dr: What was that, I didn't hear you?

Q: I cannot even believe that I am here for this, it is so stupid. (long pause while Dr stares at me) I am oozing from my belly button.

Dr: Oh, (a look of relief on his face) well lets take a look.

It was people, but as he put it, not the grossest, nor most horrible thing he has seen today. Yeah, that made me feel so much better.
Fast forward to the Pharmacist who wishes me a speedy recovery as I pick up my script. I tell him that it is the dumbest thing in the world why I need these drugs. He drops what he is doing to hear the story. I am sure they were laughing long after I left - but he did tell me that it does happen, that it can lead to worse things and it is nothing to be ashamed of. He also told me it was a kids disease too - GREAT!! I really needed to hear that one too.
So why do I share this with you, aside from giving everyone a good laugh through my horror, take a moment next time you are grooming to look at your belly-button and give it some much needed care or you too could be going to the doctor for this STUPID reason.

Why men are never allowed to take phone messages!

Do I need to say anymore?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Missing in action

See this person deep in academia, that soon will be me.

Yep! I am taking the plunge yet again.

This time it is an intensive 5 week course, where I will become certified as a Nursing Assistant. This is my short-term and low cost version of nursing school. I figure that when I am done I will either love it and want to finish my degree or hate it and have only wasted 5 weeks and a much lower amount of money, then I will know that another degree is something I need to pursue.

So if I am missing from action here, you will know where I am, deep in study to pass this course.

Wish me luck everyone this old lady is gonna need it!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

what keeps LOVE alive

Every year it comes, it is on the calendar but still The Man thinks that it is a planned day for men to be caught, put on the spot and yet again scrutinized for their lack of the WOW factor. Valentines Day is a real stressful day for the men in our lives, what to do, what will get that "Awhh Honey you shouldn't have" response and make all their wives girlfriends green with envy. After 13 years I have realized that if I want that kinda of a day then I need to VOCALIZE what it is that will do it for me. So Sunday night I sat The Man down and told him what would do it. We already had the kids farmed out for Thursday night for a work dinner. So I asked him to take a personal day off of work and spend the day with me.


That was it, no large purchases, no trips to the spa. I think he was stunned that I did not have a laundry list of things that I wanted. What I really wanted was to make some memories with my sweetheart.

Thursday morning dawned and I was so excited to know that I had The Man all to myself, no phone, no computer, just us. Once the kids were off to school we read the paper and leisurely got ready for the day. Then it was off to a place that we have not gone to together for a very long time- The Bountiful Temple. This place has special meaning for us and it was good to go back there again. It was such a spiritual boost that I think we both needed. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch talking about us, no kids, no bills, no deep topics, just things that were light and enjoyable. Then we went and did something that we have never done, jewelry shopping. I want a plain band or an anniversary band to wear during my clinicals. My ring is too big and glove ripping to not get trashed on the job. So we went looking and it was so fun- window shopping. I missed doing this when we got married. I told The Man what ring I wanted and he had the ring made, so when he placed it on my finger that was the first time that I saw my ring.

Then it was home to get the kids ready to go to Grandma & Grandpa's for the evening and homework squared away. We dropped the kids off and decided to skip the work dinner and go see a movie. We had the theater all to ourselves, that has never happened before. We sat where we wanted to, we had a popcorn fight and we laughed loud and long. Then we sat there and did what most teenagers do at drive-in's - we made out. It was so fun and so thrilling thinking we were going to get caught at any minute and traumatize some poor teenaged kid just wanting to clean the theater. At this time we needed to get the kids and realized that this was the first time all day that we had looked at the clock. It was sad to think that the day was coming to an end, but it had been a great day. On the drive home, holding the hand of my man I reflected on what a good day it had been. I had the day that I wanted, I had spent it with my favorite person, and I was truly content and happy. This year I loved Valentine's Day - it was everything I wanted and so much more, it is a day that I will remember for a long time to come.

Happy Valentine's Day - go make some memories with your Sweetheart.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Today we are featuring one of my favorite meals, Crepe's or as the kids call them "creepies". They are so easy to make and just the right thing for that age old question - Whats' for Dinner or Breakfast or whatever. So here we go.....
3 eggs
1 tbl flour
1 tbl water
1 tbl milk
pinch of salt
1/8 cup sugar (for a sweet crepe)
Mix all this together vigorously, no flour clumps and you want the mixture to be frothy
In a non-stick pan add just a touch of oil and wipe off with paper towel, making sure to cover the rims as well. You want to batter to stick in place but not stick and never come out of the pan. Pour the batter in and swirl till it covers the entire bottom of the pan. I cook at a high heat so it goes quickly. When the crepe can be separated from the edge easily, flip over and brown the other side. At this point you should be able to move the crepe with your hand and it should slide out of the pan with no spatula.
Let the crepe cool down before adding the filling.
I pkg cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup powdered sugar
Mix till well incorporated then spread over entire crepe, at this point you can add fruit filling or I used any jam that we have in the fridge.

Roll up and wait for the rest to cool. One batch usually makes about 4-5 crepes so I usually double it.

Place on a plate and sprinkle with powdered sugar and with a BIG glass of milk, enjoy!!!

These are so yummy and so easy to make and once you have the crepe you can fill it with anything you want.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A little rant and rave about the single scene

I was reading the blog of my sweet friend and she linked to this site called "Why mormon girls stay single".

So of course to help me understand why this adorable, funny, talented and incredibly successful lady is not married I visited this site. I read and the more I read the madder I got!!!

How can these young men be so cold?

I am sure that they are meaning this is good fun, but really. All the things that they listed such as, always being available, no facial hair and no strings attached when they want to get a little action but you really are just their friend?

What the....... Now who sounds like they are playing games?

Definitely the men here!!!

In one of their posts all the things that they mentioned in this day and age would not have gotten me anywhere. Lets show some examples:

1) When a guy calls with a last minute offer for getting together say yes.

Before we were married, the man called me an hour before a Christmas party that he wanted me to go to. An hour, are you kidding? I asked him how long he had known about the party, for two weeks, so if you had wanted me to attend with you, then I guess you would have asked me two weeks ago - answer was No!

So according to this post I would have been marked as not flexible, when in reality all I was asking for was respect. Respect of my time, respect that I was someone worthy of more consideration then an hour.

2) Paying for a date.

Okay on this one, I was very adamant about paying my own way due to there not being any hidden feeling that I was beholden to a man for anything. This was largely due to being burned way too many times by paying men. I also drove to the date so if needed those bathroom visits could turn into a great get-a-way to escape mister creepy. But these guys think that no matter the level of the relationship the woman should pay so as not to drain them of funds. Are you kidding me, when the man told me he loved me, he also told me that he wanted to take care of me, forever. I still offered to pay for things and did but that was the beginning of combining our lives.

3) Displays of affection.

First they thought that any sign of facial hair was an automatic reason to discontinue seeing you. Next, you might be a really good friend and someone that they did not have feelings for but they might still want to lock lips with you and did not see this as a problem. Does anyone else really feel like going and worshipping your husband right now. I mean come on, that is so how men mess with woman's emotions. We are just friends but come give me a kiss.

If I had to go back out there and date again, I know that the answer would be "NO". I have had thirteen years with someone that knows me, good bad or indifferent this is me and I am too old to change now. Then there is my kids, could I handle watching someone else discipline them, be with them - NO!!

I guess after reading all this and getting an idea why my sweet friend is completely frustrated with men in the single scene it also made me grateful for what I have. I am so glad that I have a husband that respects me, that did not treat me like a pal and mess with my emotions. Our friendship was honest from the beginning and through time developed into love, the kind that lasts and gets better with time. We have two amazing kids and a life that I marvel at. I cannot remember a time without him in my life and for that memory loss I am grateful for.

So ladies go and love your man, thank him for being in your life, cause if we found ourselves single I think we would all be very confused, the game of love has really changed since we were in it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Breakin the Law

At the crack of dawn I jumped into my car and carefully and cautiously drove to one of my favorite places - Traffic Court.

In one of those mommy moments of trying to get it all done before 5pm, YES, I was perhaps pushing on my gas-pedal a little more then usual and to my great fortune it was all witnessed by a Deputy ever willing to use me to help fill his ticket quota for the day. We got tagged and issued a lovely lime green note to appear and it was time to face the judge.

After being searched, scanned, and ensured that my underwire does set off the metal detector I was herded into a line to check in. Then after that and more forms to sign we were all herded again into the court room. At first I was ready to put up a fight, I was not going 46mph in a 30 zone, but after watching the judge, I quickly reconsidered, guilty might help get this over with quicker. The judge was commanding, point-blank and I think a bit mad that he was here dealing with all of us way before 8am. That was manifest when the man before me got taken to jail the hard way. That made me realise that our freedom can be taken away at any moment if we make dumb decisions. I got called up and put on my most respectful face, saying "no sir" more then I can ever remember saying. In the end having a clean driving record and looking relatively normal got me probation. So now I have to be a good driver for 9 months. That is going to be hard to do with all the driving that I do in a week, but I do not want that ticket nor do I ever want to go to that court room ever again, next time I might not get off so good.

Drive safe out there.

Monday, February 2, 2009

FatCat's Fun

We had another long weekend with the kids home from school. Instead of hanging around the house we decided to go and stimulate the economy by blowing some Christmas money at FatCat's.
It was a great day filled with video games and dreams of owning a motor-cycle. Sweet-boy turned out to be a great rider and he stayed on that motor-cycle as long as his tokens held out. Now that is a happy boy! Drama Queen had to join in the fun too, look at that serious face, she really tried hard not to run everything and everyone down and to go the speed limit. I guess my brush with the law freaked her out.
Next it was bowling, with the bumpers up of course and I had mine up too, I figure that when every throw is a gutter ball that is not fun. Sweet-boy is amazing. I have never seen his technique of sliding across the floor and then the ball rolling along at .02MPH and then knocking all the pins down. He won the first game with a score of 99 and then the second game was 89.
"Yeah, I just knocked them all down mom!"

Drama Queen had her own technique that was unique as well, she really used the bumper to her advantage, making the ball zig-zag down the lane. She ended up beating all of us with her final score of 121.
Bowling, video games, junk food and bumper cars; all the makings for a pretty great day with those that I love. I sure hope that you had a great weekend with your family.