Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Afternoon Blahs

I have been spending alot of time looking at others Bloggs and decided that it was time to have one of our own. So here we go...Welcome the fun house.

We are the house where nothing too normal ever happens.

The Drama Queen announced to us last night that she needed to stay home from school because her head was about to explode from over use.

"Honey, I do not think that there has ever been a documented case for that happening but I am sure that you will be the first, call me from school when that happens."

I am always supportive in whatever my kids want to accomplish in life.

As I sit here in my PJ's, yes I realize that it is after 2pm in the afternoon but some things in life need to be done slowly, with true commitment and I just could not commit to an outfit today so I stayed in the one most uncomplimentary and proceeded with my day. But as I sit here I can see my sweet-boy in the sand box, carefully removing the 2 tons of sand that I laboriously shoveled in there for his enjoyment and dumping it onto the grass. I ponder why I went to so much trouble to build the sand box when it is so hard to keep that sand where it needs to be, in the sand box.

I think it is time for a chocolate and "ewww" a shower.

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Laurel said...

Welcome to is a fun place to be.