Thursday, January 24, 2008

Remodeling with a Vengence

We are in phase II of our remodeling projects.
Phase I consisted of updating the bland main level of our home with pergo flooring, tile in the bathroom, new paint throughout, lighting fixtures, new microwave, sink-disposer-faucet, and dishwasher. By the time we finished with that we needed a long break. But along comes a long holiday weekend, so "the man" and I decide that we are going to go all out and get it done - tile, paint, the works. Well,...... it is Thursday and we still have only one working toilet. I have run out of steam and my body is revolting with a lovely cold-sore on my lip. I have only 2 more rooms to paint and we will have re-painted the entire house that is finished. But, I do not care! I do not care that my bedroom has all the furniture in the middle of the room. I do not care that I have not made my bed for 5 days. I do not care that I am really beginning to look like a "broken down house wife" wearing her Pj's all day. I do not care that I have more paint on my clothes, arms, face then the wall - at times.

I am Tired!

So needless to say I hope that by the weekend that we will have the bathroom's back to functioning. It is surprising how much you get spoiled with extra bathroom's. But after all that the bathrooms are starting to be my favorite rooms in the house - they just look so good when they are finished. Here is the finished kids bathroom.

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Laurel said...

Oh, can I relate to you. My loft--the pea-soup paint project--is still in a state of disarray. Maybe tomorrow I can get a handle on it...but it is going to require some sewing so let's get real.

It'll be worth it in the end, right? Right?

By the way--the bathroom looks great! Good luck!