Monday, December 15, 2008

Blog tags

I love that I can find out what people are Googling and then coming to see me under. However, I can not understand the appeal of a certain post that seems to be of particular interest to many bloggers from around the world, "Bill the Cat". I did this post and used that particular character to capture the intense sickness that I was enduring at that time, little did I know that he had such a following.
So what phrase do you get the most hits from?


Kori said...

Too funny.

I haven't a clue what phrase brings people to me.

How would I go about finiding out? Ok so now I'm curious.

Sherri said...

I also love to see what google subjects take people to my site. It really varies depending on the time of year. Right now, there are a lot of googles on homemade ornaments and things like that.
Now, as far as what post brought the most people to my site, it was this one that I wrote after my niece almost drowned in a culvert following a heavy rain. I ended up with hundreds of hits on this post, with many people posting links to it. It still blows my mind how this post took off!!

Kori, I use hitslog to follow the activity on my blog. It's fun to watch it!

Busy Lady said...

The only one I ever got a random person on mine from was the one that says "They grow up so fast". Who knew?! The rest of my stuff must be pretty boring. Your blogs are always interesting though, I love to read about what you are up to!!

Wendy said...

The post I did on my vinyl lettering in a frame project. It's always #1. Even with the holidays here.

Go figure!

Heather said...

I have no idea how to do that...

Can you teach me?

Guess what I got in the mail today?

Yummy minty-chocolatey treats from a sweet friend.

Thank you so much! You've got a handmade by Heather card heading your way!

Caroline said...

How do I find out?

I didn't want to tell you this, but its me googling you via "Bill the Cat" because that is my favorite post ever and I wanted to you be freaked out by the fact that people find you because of an orange cat that resembled you after a night long meringue sugar fest. That was seriously a run-on sentence if I've ever seen one.

Still waiting on the package. I'll let you know when it comes.

John Deere Mom said...

I get mostly John Deere searches. Surprise, surprise. My recipes get several hits. The weirdest was something about the "attack of the she-beast." NO clue how they wound up on my sweet little blog. :)

Tiffiney said...

I'm not sure about what brings people to mine..maybe the word