Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Crazy Weekend

Drama Queen's School had a Fall Festival that we went to over the weekend. It was alot of fun for the kids, lots of games and candy and candy and more candy. The best part of the festivities was a game called "Make Your Own Scare Crow."
This is how it went.
The kids selected a hat and then ran to the next balloon on the fence- there they selected VERY LARGE pants and had to put them on. Then they had to run to the next balloon on the fence and get a VERY LARGE shirt on and run to the hay bale that had BIG CLOMPY BOOTS that they had to put on and try to run to the finish. I sat there and laughed my head off, that was the best idea that I have seen yet.

Sweet-boy was SO done but DQ did it again.
and again.
Then it was time for more sugar. They both won at the cake walk on the same turn.

After the spook alley it was painting of the pumpkins, very scary faces indeed.
It was a great day, plenty of sun, lots of sugar and fun, a great way to celebrate Halloween.


Rhonda said...

My kids did lil pumpkins too, but at my moms a couple weeks ago. Just posted pics of them in our window.

I love those pics, especially sweet boy being D-O-N-E!!! HA HA

Elena said...

Love that scarecrow race. I'm tucking that one in my brain for next year! I'm loving that we actually had decent weather this year.

Megan said...

Oh. My. Word. That close up of DQ's face makes me realize how big she has gotten. She just looks so pretty, I can't believe it!!

Heather said...

That scarecrow game looks hysterical! I'm sure the laughter did your spirit good.

Happy belated Halloween!

EmmaP said...

what fun! and please tell me, that by the looks of those HUGE fences, the school does NOT back up to a prison! lol!

pawlyandsandy said...

That looks like great fun! Their costumes look great too! Love DQ's pointy hat, reminded me of her Maleficent costume when she was little, remember making that?
Glad you had fun, wish I could've laughed at the kids racing to be scare crows with you, looks hillarious!