Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Try-It-Tuesday except it is Wednesday

Since we are coming up on Love-Love Day it is time to start thinking about great finger food that also makes you feel loved while you are indulging yourself.

My personal favorite is chocolate dipped strawberries. These beauties were at the store and the perfect shape for dipping.

Wash and dry your strawberries.

In a glass dish slowly melt milk-chocolate in the microwave. The slower the better, use defrost and do not melt all the chips, get it melted and then let the heat melt the rest.

When your chocolate is cooled, dip strawberries by stems and place on waxed paper to set.

Don't those look yummy.

Set them in the fridge to set up and then enjoy. The hardest part for us is making sure that you get more then one - Drama Queen loves these.



Elena said...

Okay yummmm....January might not seem so gloomy with these laying around. :)

RhondaLue said...

those are a fav around here as well! Hmmm now sprouts has strawberries on sale *right now* so I'm not sure we're going to wait for V-day! thx 4 the craving. I owe you one. ;)

Wendy said...

Oh yeah. That looks yummy. I'm not going to wait for Valentine's Day. Mama needs some chocolate covered berries. Now.


Meghan said...

You make me want to grab them from the screen.....yummy, i don't think i can wait though!