Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I want, I want, I want!

Do you ever notice that this time of year, no matter how old you are, suddenly you get a case of the "I want's". I think that with kids' it is especially annoying and reminds me why I do my shopping late in the evening and alone!

It has always been a struggle to know how much is enough. I know that we should not compare but in the case of gift giving, what really constitutes enough? I was contemplating this question one Christmas and a dear friend of mine clarified it all for me.

"When the son of God was born, the wise men brought gifts, not a multitude of gifts but 3 simple, treasured gifts for the Christ child. Are we any better than our Savior?"

Ever since then I have just given 3 treasured gifts to my children. Sure it makes it hard to know what to do, hard to stop at just 3 presents, but I also hope that in doing this, talking to my kids about the significance of the three gifts to the Christ Child that they will learn humility, gratitude, and the ultimate gift that was given when the babe was born; that Christmas is so much more then "What did you get".

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Aubrey said...

At least you can wrap presents in advance--I did that for the first (and last) time two years ago when Lexie unwrapped all the presents while I was in the shower (of course) and greeted me at the door dressed in a shirt for Dan saying, "Look, I'm a Christmas angel." It was so big on her she did--luckily I hadn't put ALL the presents out and Santa still came (without extra shopping).