Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas let down

Am I the only one that has the "Christmas let-down"?
By that I mean that there is so much anticipation, so much frantic searching and wrapping and cooking and merry making that when the blessed day arrives, one is so tired that one can only remember blurs of paper and faces. I have that sense of moments missed and I wonder "Did everyone have a Merry Christmas?"
I have asked my kids repeatedly if they got what they wanted? The "Sweet-boy" of course got Thomas everything so he is very happy that Santa finally arrived, but I wonder if the "Drama-Queen" was as elated with her gifts? After all the times that she had to sit upon the fat man's lap and espouse her infinite goodness and right to receive all the things that would make her life complete, was she happy that none of them arrived come Christmas Morning?
So I asked her, and in that soon-to-be-ten-year-old-wisdom she told me that if we got everything in life there would be nothing to look forward to. Wow - I was stunned! So I guess that maybe next year she will get that radio controlled dog or horse or that maybe one year she will get a real horse, but in that moment I realized that we all have our dreams and that is what we are working towards.
So in the end it was a good Christmas, filled with family and lots of love and good food and lessons' learned......even from my kids.

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sandy said...

WOW! What wisdom from the little girl!!! It's amazing what kids can teach you! I can't wait to hear what my little boy will say! Horray for kids!