Wednesday, December 19, 2007

School Gifts

I love the cute little gifts that my kids make for school. I have precious memento's' from the "Drama Queen's" first years in school and this is the "Sweet-Boy's" first year to add to these precious reminders - but can we say something went terribly wrong at school today.
The "Sweet-Boy" has severely sensitive skin, too much heat and he hives out, too much cold and he hives out, too much water, soap, you get the picture.
I wish that I had stock in Benadryl cause we carry it and use it by the case-load.
So there I am volunteering in class and my son comes back from doing his secret present and he is all red, no biggy, but within a minute he is covered with hives and it is spreading down his throat. So I casually tell his teacher that I am taking him and we get the Benadryl magic and head to the Pediatrician, (she is an hour drive from our new location - we made it in 35 minutes) - I wanted her to see this latest flair up. Poor little guy is all splotchy, and groggy from the Benadryl but the prognosis is good.
So after all that, I still cannot wait to see the gift.
Merry Christmas!


Aubrey said...

I didn't mean anything on Laurel's blog--I promise I meant nothing bad towards the Shiner side! I promise, I promise! PS What do you think Scott's toupee would have looked like with a swirly?

Aubrey said...

I'm curious to know what the gift from Scotty is too. You'll have to tell us...

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Aubrey no worries about the Shiners' cause we all are them now. I do wonder what it would have looked like? Probably no change since it was shalacked/permanently glued in place on his head.
The gift is an ornament that the kids decorated. It is really cute but I really didn't look - at least not at the one that we are getting.