Monday, February 2, 2009

FatCat's Fun

We had another long weekend with the kids home from school. Instead of hanging around the house we decided to go and stimulate the economy by blowing some Christmas money at FatCat's.
It was a great day filled with video games and dreams of owning a motor-cycle. Sweet-boy turned out to be a great rider and he stayed on that motor-cycle as long as his tokens held out. Now that is a happy boy! Drama Queen had to join in the fun too, look at that serious face, she really tried hard not to run everything and everyone down and to go the speed limit. I guess my brush with the law freaked her out.
Next it was bowling, with the bumpers up of course and I had mine up too, I figure that when every throw is a gutter ball that is not fun. Sweet-boy is amazing. I have never seen his technique of sliding across the floor and then the ball rolling along at .02MPH and then knocking all the pins down. He won the first game with a score of 99 and then the second game was 89.
"Yeah, I just knocked them all down mom!"

Drama Queen had her own technique that was unique as well, she really used the bumper to her advantage, making the ball zig-zag down the lane. She ended up beating all of us with her final score of 121.
Bowling, video games, junk food and bumper cars; all the makings for a pretty great day with those that I love. I sure hope that you had a great weekend with your family.


Elena said...

That sounds like a great time. It's hard during these cold months to find fun things to do. Glad you made good use of it.

Heather said...

Okay-dokey, blogger just deleted my comment.


Looks like a great time! Wish we had a Fat Cats. Although we do have a Dave & Busters. Maybe similar?

Busy Lady said...

It sounds like fat cats is a blast. I wish we had a place that had bowling and video games all in the same spot, I love to bowl! We didn't have a long weekend like you guys (ours is coming up in 2 weeks and I can't wait!) but we made the most of the short weekend and went up to Winter Carnival, I posted the pictures already, you should be so proud of me, I am trying to be good like you - you are always on the ball!!

John Deere Mom said...

What a fun looking place! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

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