Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Today we are featuring one of my favorite meals, Crepe's or as the kids call them "creepies". They are so easy to make and just the right thing for that age old question - Whats' for Dinner or Breakfast or whatever. So here we go.....
3 eggs
1 tbl flour
1 tbl water
1 tbl milk
pinch of salt
1/8 cup sugar (for a sweet crepe)
Mix all this together vigorously, no flour clumps and you want the mixture to be frothy
In a non-stick pan add just a touch of oil and wipe off with paper towel, making sure to cover the rims as well. You want to batter to stick in place but not stick and never come out of the pan. Pour the batter in and swirl till it covers the entire bottom of the pan. I cook at a high heat so it goes quickly. When the crepe can be separated from the edge easily, flip over and brown the other side. At this point you should be able to move the crepe with your hand and it should slide out of the pan with no spatula.
Let the crepe cool down before adding the filling.
I pkg cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup powdered sugar
Mix till well incorporated then spread over entire crepe, at this point you can add fruit filling or I used any jam that we have in the fridge.

Roll up and wait for the rest to cool. One batch usually makes about 4-5 crepes so I usually double it.

Place on a plate and sprinkle with powdered sugar and with a BIG glass of milk, enjoy!!!

These are so yummy and so easy to make and once you have the crepe you can fill it with anything you want.


Elena said...

Mmmmmm....I was just wondering what was for lunch. :)

Allisyn said...

those sound really good and not to hard to make.. I will have to try them this weekend.. but then my husband will think that I will cook him breakfast every weekend. thanks for sharing.

Busy Lady said...

Yummy! I have always wondered how to make these and it doesn't sound too hard (at least in theory). I am going to try them this weekend, maybe for the hubby for Valentine's Day. You always have the best recipes lady!!

Heather said...

You make it look so easy...

My favorite is a mushroom crepe from a little restaurant here called The Grand Finale. Yum.

I love new recipes. Thanks!

RhondaLue said...

Now you make that so easy but I bet it'll be a hot mess when I try! I actually have a class scheduled this month to learn how to make crepes and english muffins. Now It'll be a refresher for the crepes. Thanks!


pawlyandsandy said...

Yummy! I love crepes too. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, it's just perfect! You're making me hungry just thinking about it!

Wendy said...

We love crepes here. They are so versatile and low cal, too. Well, until you decide to add the more decadent fillings...

...mmm...chocolates...cream cheese... homemade whipped cream...

JK! LOL We usually eat them on the plainer side. Love 'em. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

EmmaP said...

hmmm one of my favs!

John Deere Mom said...

Am I the only person who didn't know crepes were eggs?! I thought they were dough based. Hm. Live and learn, I guess! The cream cheese looks yummy!!

Tiffiney said...

yum...sounds good!!