Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another Spring Break Adventure

We were off again for another great adventure, but this time we had great guests with us - Grandma and Grandpa. Everything is better with them along!! Our destination was Thanksgiving Pointe for some Dinosaur Adventures. They have a great museum there with lots of hands on fun for the kids and for the bigger kids too.We were so impressed with all the fossils and where they were located - this is a fossil of a shore and all the water ripples - fun to run your hands across it.
Grandma deciding what color the dinosaurs should be, I think the purple with pink dots was the favorite for everyone.

They had a big erosion center which is basically a series of snake like bowls, filled with sand, water, trees and dinosaurs that the kids can play in. They move the sand, change the waters path and move the animals around. Sweet-boy was there for over an hour working to move the water around. It was really cool and great place for messy fun.
Another reason I do not like swimming in the ocean, there are big things in there.......

Sacrificing the kids to Jaws - what a fun Grandpa.
After, we went and had lunch and then Sweet-boy got to go and have a sleep-over with G & G for his birthday. It has been a really great week so far, I am having time with me kids and remembering how much fun it is to just wear the mom hat and be with them.


Wendy said...

That looks like so much fun. The shark pictures were my favorite. We are blessed to have so many cool things we can do so close, huh?

Thanks for sharing your fun day.

Elena said...

You know...I have never been there. Everytime we drive past I think we should go. MAybe this summer. I know my kids would love it. Fun pictures and glad you are having a great spring break.

Alamodey said...

I must get my Stinky there sometime, if we're passing through. My brother in law did a full-size T-rex skeleton in baloons for them this past summer.

RhondaLue said...

Aside from being slightly jealous that your kiddies still have a fun grandpa around, I'm so happy for the fun times you get!

That shark pic is great! And I think your son favors his gramps in facial appearance. dontcha think??