Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First Grade Follies

Today was the First Grade Field trip and I was begged to attend by my Sweet-boy. How could I pass up all the fun on the farm.
Our first stop was to watch poor little sheep get all their wool cut off. I never heard so much baying by the poor animals. Here is a kid getting mauled by alot of kids.

The baby cows were our favorite, look how cute.

Then it was off to see the Fire Station and all the new trucks and toys, er I mean tools. This was definitely the highlight of the day.

That is one tired little guy, we went everywhere and had a great time doing it, the best part was coming home early with mom and going for ice cream.

Now that is my kind of a field trip.


Wendy said...

So great that you could go and do that with him. A field trip day AND leaving early with Mom AND ice cream?

That's what I call a perfect day. :-)

Elena said...

Nothing like going to a farm and all the baby animals to make it feel like spring. And now, I REALLY want to head on over to our local dairy, see the babby cows and get and ice cream! FUN!

pawlyandsandy said...

That sounds really fun, especially the ice cream part, yum! The animals reminds me of when I took DQ to a petting Zoo in Meridian while you were packing up your house and the people there thought I was her mom!! Eeekkk! I think I was about 15 at the time, scary.

Busy Lady said...

That looks like too much fun even if you said it did stink there! Those poor sheep, they don't want to give up their wool but they will be glad they did when the warm weather comes!! I love the scarf that DQ made for SB in the picture below, she is so creative just like her mom!!!!

Heather said...

This is too funny! My post tomorrow is about my field trip to the zoo with Gabe, who is now passed out cold on the couch.

Great minds, I tell you.

I remember the one field trip my mom went on with me. I felt like a queen. I hope our kids love it just as much as I did back then.

That little cow is adorable!

RhondaLue said...

Oh how fun! I didn't know there was a name for all the BAAAAAing that sheep do. lol

He's just so cute! Those cheekers that are all pink and adorable make me want to just gobble him up! (and I mean that in a totally UNcreepy way!)

EmmaP said...

awww... his little cheeks looked flushed. hopefully that means he slept well after such a fun day!

Kate said...

Field trips were never that cool when I was a kid! Although I do remember attending the Wonder bakery and getting a free mini loaf of bread. Ok, so I only remember the bread. Anyway, nothing so cool as hanging out at a farm... What a fun day!!