Friday, May 8, 2009

The Pomp and Circumstance

This is a day that I never even thought would be an option for me.
I decided that after so many semesters of trying to finish nursing pre-requisites and having to back out mid-way that I needed to do something in a more timely manner and something that I could also ensure would get my foot in the door and also to see if indeed I wanted to really be a nurse, when I grow up.
So I enrolled in the Certified Nursing Assistant program at SLCC. It was a 9 week self-paced course that I determined should really only take me 5 weeks to complete. As with everything that I do, I became obsessed to complete the course before my kids Spring Break but to also complete it with the highest score of my class. I am glad to say that I did just that, in fact I completed it much sooner than my completion of my clinical portion. All I hoped to obtain was a chance to make a difference in a patients life by helping that person get better and walk out the door of a hospital, well on their way to complete recovery. It also is a skill that will enable me to be more marketable - I hope.
But what I got was an opportunity to do something that I have never done, walk at Graduation. When the letter arrived telling me that I could participate in this celebration I was dumbfounded, and of course my family was so happy to support me in doing this, that the decision was made. The kids especially were delighted to come and watch mom accomplish something that was really hard on all of us in sacrifice of time. So early this morning, before most people were leaving for work we were up and dressed for the momentous occasion.Photo Opts with all the beautiful tulips the kids planted last fall.
The kids so happy to be out of school for the day.

Can you see me in the melee of people. I had to stand on my chair and scream and yell to get their attention.

I was waiting to see how badly they murdered my name, it was really hilarious but so great to be in the moment.

Look at me, I was close to tears and so happy to have my sweet family there to support me. I also felt the love and well wishes from all my friends and family far away. It was a great day and one that I hope my kids will remember. We are starting a wall of achievement where all our degrees will be placed, I want my kids to reach for a better life and know that it is an expectation in our family.
What a great day - hail the college graduate, class of 2009!!!


Heather said...!

Tammy, that is awesome! Good for you. I know how hard you worked for this; you are going to make an incredible caregiver, as an assistant and as a nurse someday, I am sure.

You have brought tears to my eyes; thanks for sharing your sacrifices and your achievements with us bloggy friends :)

Love ya, girl!

Michael A. Cleverly said...


Elena said...

Hooray!! What a great day for you. I regret that I didn't walk. I think it really gives you that sense of accomplishment. you are practically glowing in that last picture! Congrats!

Lauren W said...

Woo HOO!!! That's such an awesome achievement :) I'm so happy for you. Congrats!

Saunders Family said...

Congrats! That is so exciting! Your pics are also adorable and I love it. Way to go!

John Deere Mom said...! I am so glad you participated in the graduation ceremony. This is definitely a moment you and your kids will remember forever. Great job!!

RhondaLue said...


what a great example you are and what a great thing for the patients that you will be serving. as a patient and caregiver of a patient many many timnes, I can tell you that people in your position DO make a HUGE difference and impact on families. Thanks in advance for your compassion and kindness to all you encounter!

EmmaP said...

way to go! even I shed a tear for you!

Busy Lady said...

So awesome!!!! I am so happy for you! I wish I could have been there. I love that I got to see pictures of it though, your hubby did a nice job getting some good ones. I love the smile, there is some great pride there and I love it! Such a good idea to have a wall of accomplishment too - definitely something for the kids to strive for.

Laurel said...

What an accomplishment!!! Way to go! I think your example of hard work and grit will bless the lives of your children. Bravo.

Kate said...

WA-HOO!!!!!! Congrats Grad!! You are awesome and a wonderful example to your kids. What a cool mom they have!

Melanie said...

What good news! BIG HUGE congratulations! Thanks for sharing. Your determination is fierce. Good for you!

Wendy said...

I was AWOL from the computer for a while, and I come back to this! Woo-hoo!!! CONGRADS!!!! You did it, and did it so well! WAY TO GO!

I'm looking at you from the other end of the spectrum -- just about to start out on my own education journey. I want to end up where you are right now. Thank you for the inspiration!

Sherri said... look so happy. I know your family was so proud of you!!!