Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tagged by the number eight

Top 8

My 8 favorite TV Shows
1- Castle
2- Law & Order
3- Dancing with the Stars
4- American Idol
5- Local News
6- Life with Raymond - reruns
7- WipeOut - so funny
8- America Funniest Home Videos

8 Things I did Yesterday
1- Laundry
2- Errands
3- Returned and purchased other Mother's Day gifts ( I know I am so picky)
4- Took my CNA written Test
5- Helped at my kids school with end of year testing
6- vacated my home twice for showings
7- had my tires totated
8- took 2 loads to the DI

My 8 Favorite Restaurants
1- Japanese Steak House
2- Out Back
3- Olive Garden
4- Panda Express
5- La Puenta
6- Cheesecake Factory
7- Johnny Carino's
8- Morelias

8 Things I am Looking Forward to
1- School being over for the year!!
2- Spending time with my hubby
3- Visiting my BFF
4- Payday
5- Swimming in the pool
6- having no schedule
7- Warmer weather
8- camping trips

8 Things on my Wish List
1- Future Posibilities
2- A secure future
3- Some $$ in my savings account
4- Disneyland
5- A trip with just my hubby
6- a puppy
7- Time to read
8- A better economy

Now I have to tag 8 people so I look forward to reading all of yours.
1- Heather
2- Caroline
3- Megan
4- Emma
5- Elana
6- Laurel
7- Rhondalue
8- Kate


Elena said...

Oooh...I'm looking forward to money in my account too! Do you think it will ever happen?? :) Fun list. I love this things.

Busy Lady said...

I always learn new things about you! I didn't know you liked American Idol!! Who knew. You will have to talk it up with my two oldest they have all the ins and outs of that show on tap at all times. They are so funny!!!

Heather said...

Already did this one the other day, does that count?

I love it!

You're selling your house? Are you staying in the same town, or moving altogether?

How long do you have to wait for your results for your test? I'm sure you aced it!