Monday, August 10, 2009

Another fun day at the Boise River

The kids have been begging to go back to the river and spend the day. So we packed up the wagon and drove to our spot. The water level was slightly lower than when we first visited, but it was still a great spot.There was a partially built fort that the kids worked on and then Sweet-boy wanted his own. So we gathered wood and began the delicate process of making it stay in the trees.
Not bad with what we had to work with, but not good for keeping much of anything out, especially the torrential rain that we have been having.

Drama Queen in her shelter, not bad for either of them and it kept them busy while I finished a good book-Three Weeks with my Brother by Nicholas Sparks.
What is a trip to the woods without a good walking stick? Or something like that is what they told me.
We quickly took over and established a great spot to base from, but as my adventurous kids let me know, "We must search farther!" and so we packed up our camp and went further into the woods. We found a spot right along the river that allowed us to watch the rafters as they floated by and was just beneath a bridge. There were fly fisherman catching lots of fish and the kids even got a chance to release a big fish in to the river.
DQ had been wanting to go swimming all day so we kept daring her to go in the river. It was slightly colder then the pool - alot cooler. But she finally did it and then it was swim time. Sweet-boy wanted to go in, but was not too sure about all that cold.
So he played with the floating logs that came along.
We stay and played till the last of the river rafters went by, and the fishermen called it a day, and as the sun went down we began our jouney back to the car. The kids were tired, we all smelled like wet something, but it was a great time.


Heather said...

What a fun day! I'm not a huge fan of rivers for myself, but the kids look like they had a blast! I love the forts!

Elena said...

Brrrr! That river is SO blasted cold. What a fun day though. You are a good mommy to take these kids out on their adventures.

Sherri said...

It looks like a perfect day to me....especially the part about finishing the book!!!

Wendy said...

Summer is for imagination and adventures. Way to go, Mom!