Monday, November 12, 2007

Gitty up there Horsey......

The kids got to ride ponies at a fundraiser for Make-a-Wish. It was fun to see them on horsey's, of course "Drama Queen" wanted the reins so she could take off. "Sweet-Boy" was done after the first time around. They are so funny and so different.
Ye haaaaa....................

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Laurel said...

How fun. My kids would flip out if they got a horsey ride. Next time we go to Wyoming I'm making my friend take them out.

I loved your post about your kids on the fall day. Isn't that the truth? Most of the time it is work, work, and more hard work, but those bright moments, when it is all right, make it so worth it. Pure happiness. And I suppose if we felt that way all the time we wouldn't appreciate those bright spot nearly as well.

Also, your post about your dad was terrific. I miss my dad. He was such an important figure in my life that there will always be a hole in the world for me until I see him again, but how lucky are we to have had them at all?!

Have a happy day!