Thursday, November 1, 2007


I love Halloween!

This year the kids were so different and I broke down and bought the costumes. That was so depressing becasue I usually make them and have them hanging in their closets by September.
It was a bad year.

So the "Drama Queen" was a witch, "the Sweet-boy" was a fireman and "the Man" was Father Flannigan. I dressed up like a Punky-Mom and went to "Sweet-boy"s class party and one of the little girls asked me what I was. I told her I was a punky-mom and she said your a Pokemon? It was rather confusing and you know that you bombed on a costume when you have to explain it, even to Kindergartner.

But it was a good night and the kids made out like crazy, now we have to ration out the candy. Our new neighborhood had 3 spook-alleys and one house even gave out scones. Yum......

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