Friday, February 29, 2008

Final Remodel update

Okay the inside is finally done!!
Carpet was placed on Friday and we have finally put everything back and surveyed the damage. Even after blue-taping my corners I have touch-up to do.
Carpet guys are never nice to painted walls.
So after much ado about something here it is......
"Sweet Boy" tearing out the carpet

The whole in the wall from the piano lid - long story, much frustration.

My beautiful piano in the hall after the wall trauma.

Living Room done - it looks so good.
"Sweet Boy's" room done.

The best part is that sign finally in the yard!!
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pawlyandsandy said...

What you're moving again?! Ya gonna find another fixer-uper or go for the dream house? Oh, and where, but you can tell me that in an e-mail,