Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines' Day

For the last 12 years, I think that "the Man" has felt that V-day is just that; a day that he always gets in trouble. Over the years he has done a fanstastic job, but some years....let's just say that I was not "romanced". So I have taken to not talking too much about the dreaded day so that he will not feel it is another day set up for men to fail, especially him. I have also learned that I just need to tell him what I want, no more beating around the bush and hoping that he gets the idea. So Monday night I tell him that I really just want a nice letter or card from him (he is really a wonderful writer) and maybe some flowers if he is feeling generous. Straight forward and honest.
So here it is Wednesday, less than 24 hours from the DREADED day and I already have recieved my wish. Not only did he think ahead and order 3 weeks ago, he didn't want me waiting to get them so had them delivered early so I could enjoy them NOW!!!! What a guy! I think that FINALLY after almost 13 years together, he has gotten V-day down.

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Laurel said...

Your hubby is so thoughtful...what beautiful flowers.

Thanks for the book suggestions.