Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Salt Lake has a cool new commuter train system called the Front Runner.

We live close to RXR tracks and have watched as they have worked on laying the tracks for this new "traffic relief" train.

The first week that it was up and running rides were free. The lines were so long that we gave up most days. The first night being Family Home Evening night - most went down and braved the waits. It was reported that they were 2 hours behind schedule due to a child going missing. All trains had to stop and get searched till he was found. What a mess!

One afternoon, "sweet-boy" and I were driving past our station and there were no lines. So disregarding all that I needed to get done, we parked in BFE and hiked to the station. Hoping that not too many would see the break in the action. We waited for our train...20 minutes, 25 minutes and I noticed that "Sweet-boy" had that face that we all know means we are in trouble.


"Yes Honey."

"I need to go real BAD."

"Are you sure?"

"I really need to GOOOOO!"

So the good mom that I am, I look around for an obliging bush, nothing, no out buildings, nothing, but a small Mom & Pop restaurant. So we start walking to this restaurant and just as we make it to the door we hear the train whistles.

Now at this point I need to explain that we had to walk down a ramp, across the tracks, thru the fenced in maze, around a parking lot and then finally to the very back of the restaurant to find the bathroom.

We look at each other and decide that we are up to the challenge. Breaking all "Bathroom" records we exit the building, retrace our steps in what can only be described as a frantic dead run and I HATE to run. We are just turning the corner where we have to cross the tracks when I look to see a train, a very big train and decide right there that this is worth dying for. "Sweet-boy" right on my heals, reaches out and we clasp hands and he becomes suspended in air as I am pulling/running him across the tracks in front of the train. Just at this moment the conductor decides is a good time to let me know that they have arrived and blows out my hearing with a long whistle.

Gasping for breath we stop on the ramp and watch as one of two trains stops at the station - one going to Salt Lake, the other to Ogden. We hop on the Ogden bound train and begin to press our way to the upper deck. Arriving on the upper deck we spy 1 seat and plop down. Me to say a quick prayer of thanks that we are still alive and "sweet-boy" to finally ride the train. Thank fully we are surrounded by Grandparents' that understand the excitement of a young boy and "Sweet-boy" moves to the window seat. What fun it was.

I got nothing done on my "To Do, list....." but I didn't care - I spent an afternoon making a wonderful memory with my little guy, who will not always be 6, and who will not always think that risking life and limb with mom is cool.


Saunders Family said...

Hey! (I found your blog off of Megan, or should I say Miss Hansen,'s class blog). I am SO glad that your cute lil man got to go for a ride on the train! I miss him, as well as the rest of his cute classmates, to death! These pictures are adorable!
-Mrs. Saunders

Emily Loria said...

I think that it was so worth the run across the tracks, I would have done it too! Your guy is darling!

Aubrey said...

Did you know they have bathrooms on the train? I don't know if they're on every car, but they're there. My brother said they're smaller than on an airplane. I don't know how THAT'S possible but okay. Too funny. I can't believe you ran in front of the train. Well, then again, maybe I can.

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Unfortunately when the little man tells me that he needs to go, there is no window for error. But knowing that there is a small bathroom on the train is a something that we will check out next time.

pawlyandsandy said...

Mother of the year award coming your way! What a great adventure! He will NEVER forget it! I'm sure when he's describing what you're like to friends this story will pop into the conversation and you will be dubbed the 'cool mom' Way to go!