Friday, May 30, 2008

I hate appliances!!!!

Well it has been since May 14th that we had the microwave fixed and guess what?

It is not working again!!!
I am so frustrated and to make things worse, I am leaving for a girls weekend.

(I know are we not all just jealous that I get to leave again.?)
So here I have made so many nutritious meals that just require re-heating for my family to enjoy. "The Man" looks at me and says that it will be another PB&J weekend till I get back.
Poor guy, but they do seem to survive when I am gone.
Why are things not built to last?
Planned obsolescence really stinks!!!

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Aubrey said...

Buy some meat and grill it. Or, he could put your meals for them in a casserole dish and heat them in the oven, I bet. You know, the old-fashioned way. Isn't is sad how dependant we are on microwaves when they've only been around in the last three decades?