Friday, May 9, 2008

Appliance Disaster

Have you ever noticed how much we rely on modern conveniences such as the stove, the washer and dryer and say the must have for every kitchen - the microwave?

We'll my microwave, that is less than a year old, has decided that it does not want to warm things up anymore. So right before Women's Conference it broke down. While I was away being spiritually fed, my sweet hubby was without his most important "Daddy survival friend".
Side note: As the Prophet opened his remarks on Friday afternoon, he remarked, "that looking out into the audience and seeing so many wonderful women, that he could not help but wonder at the amount of PB&J that was served over the last 3 days..."
Needless to say that the microwave is still broken as we are waiting for the magnetron tube to arrive. I guess that is the "thingy" (yes such a technical term) that makes everything work in your microwave. I have since found out that the quickest way to burn out your magnetron is popcorn, bummer! I guess that I will have to get a spare cause I am not giving that up.
Anyway, without that very necessary kitchen appliance I was planning on making cookies today. So when I was done making lunch and the cook top was still warm I placed, on a plate, the butter. Thinking that it would soften faster then waiting hours to achieve the same result I carelessly forgot about it and continued on my 6 loads of laundry. Hours later when I remembered that cookies were on my "TO DO" list, this is what I found.
What a mess!
The worst is there is no cookie dough, nor fresh baked cookies for the weekend. Ah Well, there is always next week, right?


Laurel said...

ugh! I hate having to replace things, especially when there are so many new things I would rather buy! Sorry about the microwave. And why is popcorn harder on a microwave than other foods? That's interesting. And I'm super jealous about women's conference. I've never, ever been. They may take my relief society card away, but seriously, it is something that I totally want to do sometime. I hope you had a great break!

Aubrey said...

Okay, I shouldn't admit this, but the out-of-sight-out-of-mind thing hit me so fast that I almost suggested softening the butter in the microwave for 15 seconds.
Duh Aubrey.
Can you no reading COMPREHENSION?!

That sucks--maybe you just got a lemon microwave or how much popcorn are you eating anyway? I wouldn't give it up either. Shiner men can eat gallons of ice cream--packed into a bowl with no air bubbles--in a sitting, but give me popcorn.