Friday, April 18, 2008


I have known "the man" for 13 years. In fact April 15th was the anniversary of when we officially got engaged and I think that it is funny that when the nation is scrambling to get taxes done, we were madly in love and planning our future together. 13 years seems so long and some days so not enough in the forever scheme of things.

We are in the midst of revamping the yard. Since we moved into our house in June of 2007 we have been focusing our time on the inside of the house, so last summer the yard became a badly neglected mess. Trimming it for the first time this year was quite the undertaking and I might have had better luck with a machete. But our focus is now on landscaping. We have built a deck, erected a shed, cordoned off the play area and now with dirt in the driveway we are anxiously making flower beds to finish the yard. Well in order to do that we needed to rent a sod-cutter, something that just the name brings fear into me. I envision a big sharp blade on a rickety machine that is able to cut not only sod but anything else that gets in the way. So "the man" embarks to Home Depot to secure a sod-cutter.

Now this could have been a situation where tempers could flare and angry words are spoken and another in a long list of projects that we have dubbed "divorce maker #428", but I am constantly amazed at how well we work together.

After giving the sod a healthy flat-top we finally figured out how to lower the blade, then the hard work of tugging, pulling, leaning, and trying not to run into anything valuable, we managed to cut the lawn. All this done without a harsh word, or a "you big dumby didn't the guy tell you how to work this." No, it was more like, "what do you think this lever does?" - I" don't know try it". Honestly I think that is how truly connected minds and souls work, little suggestions made that help two reach the same goal.

In the end we got it all done and the machine returned in record time. Not one angry word and great satisfaction that we are almost done with the landscaping. Now we just have a big sod mess and dirt all over in the driveway and every neighborhood kid over to play in the dirt pile. But come weeks end we will have a beautiful yard.

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