Friday, April 11, 2008


Another fellow blogger ( ) has commented on the subject of her own mortality and that she is facing 37.
This week my family has been thrust into the subject of dealing with a parents' mortality and frankly it is scaring me. I know that I am aging, the wrinkles and crows feet have set up permanent residence, but to think that there will come a day that my parents will no longer be there when I call is just too unsettling for me to deal with. What will I do as a child when my biggest supporters and confidants will no longer be there for me? Oh how I dread that day....
So I have determined to do something that will make that passing not so difficult, I am going to take the time to put my thoughts, thanks, gratitude and love to them on paper so that I will not have to talk to a cold headstone and think about or regret all the times that I had the opportunity to talk to them, in person, and I did not take it.

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