Friday, April 25, 2008

My Little Engineer

My Little Engineer boy.
There is nothing that a roll of blue tape - that I am constantly running out of - some kabob sticks and a free afternoon cannot make.

Lofty on his Bridge of Terror, making his way from the Fridge to the counter across the old scary bridge.

What fun to have such a curious, active, building mind.

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Jennifer P. said...

What a great idea for a way to entertain little ones! I'm afraid at least one of mine might actually try walking on it themselves though--yikes ;)!

Thank you so very much for sharing such an inspiring comment with me on my blog. I have read it several times over. I take such comfort in people having overcome what I'm going through and coming out alright on the other side. Right now I'm just dealing with day to day and sometimes just hour to hour, but now and then I like to think about what may happen at the end of this road. Glad to know it might not be as bad as I sometimes imagine.

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you again!~