Friday, April 18, 2008

Too cool for school.....

Can I just say that we have such an awsome 4th grade teacher!!!
I know that they have been secretly working on a blogg but
what fun it has been.
Here it is and some fun pictures of the Drama Queen.

Anyone think that face looks slightly familiar, I know I have seen

that face before but where oh where..........

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Laurel said...

Hello Queen in Residence,

I just read your comment on my gynocolgist post and I am totally shaking my head. How mortifying! Truly! My deepest sympathies. Nothing like a whole lot of people in your business.

I very much admire a married couple who can do houseprojects together well. Thomas and I have found the magic formula, but it took us a good few years to get the kinks out of our system.

And as for your post on your parents aging. Wow, can I relate. I lost my dad in 2000 quite unexpectedly which was hard, but watching my mom age is even harder. It's difficult to navigate the transistion from child to caretaker, isn't it? Most of the time I long for the mother I knew, but there is no going backward. Only forward with as much love as possible, right?