Sunday, September 7, 2008

Random Rambling

Do you really think that this is too full for the garbage man to dump? I mean come on, it still rolls and is not like some that we have had that were half full of broken concrete and the truck had to really work to pull that bin up and over. But this, this is nothing compared to the many and I mean many that we have filled in 13 years of remodels. But for some reason today the trash man was grumpy. Maybe he did not have a nice long weekend like the rest of us. Maybe he was behind and really wanted to get home for some random show. But today we got a love note from the trash man.
It appears that it was too high to be dumped so there it sits for next week. That is alright, I know that the men in the house will really enjoy sawing that big pile down and re-filling the can. I can hardly wait for the next love note from the garbage man.
It is time to fess-up.
There was no real "Family Emergency" that required us to leave town Labor Day Weekend, rather it was a necessary and I mean necessary trip to Boise that was needed. We spent the weekend visiting our dear friends and playing. It was so great to see them again and hang out like old times. We enjoyed sometime at their neat neighborhood pool.

Yes, I have decided that I am secure enough in my body image that I can post a picture of me in my bathing suit on a blog.
BFF, we should have been sister's but are better because we really do like each other, we don't have blood to mess things up. That is the best.
(Notice the crazy hair, on me not her, that is another story for another day but it is posted below for your random reading)


Trooper Thorn said...

It looks like all that stuff in the garbage can is plastic. How about just melting it down into one amorphous pool of goo. That should satisfy the pick up rules. (Men love melting things too)

Thanks for coming by and commenting at Dogs & Jeans.

Marrdy said...

Thanks for stopping by. I always love to blogstalk people, especially those from Utah!!

Jennifer P. said...

I'm surprised someone didn't come and steal everything out of that can! That's a whole jungle gym in there,right?! Darn grumpy garbage man---he should have laughed at least :)!

Now to comment on a whole weeks worth of your posts (weren't you cutting back by the way :)?.....). LOVE your new hairdo. The black back is super sassy! Love the pictures. I wanted to eat the choc. ice cream. And I just KNEW I could feel your Karma in the Treasure Valley! I hope you do get to make a return here!

And thank you for the award! But most of all for the sweet comment that went with it!

EmmaP said...

I'm thinking that the garbage man never had a play set of his own growing up. So, it really chapped his hide that such fortunate folks as yourselves had one, but then went and destroyed it and called it trash. hahahahaha!


Elena said...

We've gotten that nasty green note on our garbage before too. (Our's was too heavy. It only had dirt and rocks. Come on, I pulled it all the way to the curb. You'd think those burly men could have hefted it up. :)) So fun that you go to back to Boise. I think we're going the first weekend in October. I can't wait. I miss it SO much!

fennbunch said...

Okay the trash picture was too funny. We have received MANY notes from our trash men (I think they are wimpy too becasue they just hook up the trash can to the truck and it pulls it in, so all they have to do is roll it to the truck!). Have fun cutting all of that up. I like the melting idea, you should go with that!

I'm glad you are comfortable enough to put yourself in a suit on the blog, but did you have to include me?! I'm not so sure I want my cellulite up there in living color. Anyway, it was too fun having you guys here for the weekend. You need to come again soon!!

This Mom said...

I love the trash can. Our looks like that from time to time.

Thanks for visiting me I will be back again soon.

P.S. Where in utah are you I maybe able to recommend a stylist to help with your color problem?

Emily said...

Hey! I've never gotten a love note from the garbage man. Boo hoo!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Who knew that the garbage man cared enough to leave a note??? Last week my hubby tried to leave a HUGE box AND a pool filter (about 5 feet tall) for the garbage man to pick up. Yeah, he didn't take it and didn't leave us a note either! lol

Your trip looks like it was so fun!