Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Lost Tooth.

There is a hole in my mouth today....
"Sweet-boy" has lost his first tooth.
The sad part is he was brushing his teeth and spit it down the drain.
So what is the tooth-fairy supposed to take now?
I hope that she/he has long arms.
There is a hole in my mouth today,
where my tongue can say hello,
oh, there is a hole in my mouth today.
(This is actually a song that his class sang when someone lost a tooth.)


Aubrey said...

When Lex lost her first tooth, she spit it out in the grass. Last week, when she lost her second, it went to a safe place, but then she took it out to play with it and LOST IT. Saves me the trouble of deciding whether to keep and treasure these body exretments, or to trash them.

Jennifer P. said...

My oldest swallowed one of his teeth. That tooth fairy--good thing she's "adaptable" :)!

Your vacation looked like so much fun! An afternoon soaking in the water.....heaven! Your tent vacation from your vacation looked like lots of fun too ;)!

Welcome back!

Saunders Family said...

Yay for your cute son! I had to let you know... I actually sang the tooth song out loud when I read this post :o) It's just so catchy... Too bad this event couldn't happen while school was in session so he could really be sang too. Oh well!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

We sang that song all day too. I am sure that he will loose more at school since there are 3 more wigglers in there. He wants to get that cute tooth holder that the office gives out when you loose a tooth at school. Sis waited to finally rip one out so she could get one. Too funny!!

Emily said...

OH YAY! Josh's two big boy teeth are starting to peek through the gap and close it back up. It's such an exciting experience.