Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June Blahs

Things to do in the June rain:
Read Books

Paint toe nails

Bake cookies

Tease my brother/sister

Go to the Dentist/Orthodontist

Call everyone you know and talk about what you are not doing this summer

Plan trips that you are not taking


better yet do what we are doing today.....
watch the wind blow the cover off the pool.
Just kidding it is not that cold out but the kids think that it is!


Saunders Family said...

She is at Bird World Pet Village in North Salt Lake. On Friday they dropped her price to $250 ... she was originally $350. You should totally get her!! How fun would that be?

Jennifer P. said...

Yup--miserable, rainy, and cold here too! You KNOW this means that it will 100 degrees all through September, right?!

Elena said...

It actually did snow here today! My son's t-ball game was canceled due to cold and wind. I still haven't even planted my garden. I'm ready for some summer.