Friday, June 6, 2008

Pretzel Fun

It has been such a cold and rainy week, all there is to do is cook. Thanks to another really fun Blogger out there that suggested this recipe and the idea - EM check her out for other fun things to do with your kids in the rain.

The best part is making the BIG mess.

Boiling the pretzels was really an interesting experience, so was trying

to make them look like pretzels, that takes some technique.

First batch out of the oven and they have plenty of

cinnamon & sugar on them thanks to the Sweet-boy.

(sorry you have to crane your neck on this one)Making the frosting dip, we have to have something sweet to dip the

sugary pretzels into, of course!!!
First bite, yumm...........
"Best Lunch ever, Mom."

At the end of any cooking project you consider success by the amount of dishes left to clean, their willingness to try something new and the smiles on your kids faces followed by their question of what we are going to make tomorrow.

Yes it was a very good day!!!


Aubrey said...

Okay, we're coming over. You're such a nice mom. I suppose I should do something with my kids that doesn't involve maniacal yelling/screaming. What is it with this crappo weather? As if we didn't get cooped up enough all winter...

Emily said...

YAY for pretzels! I am so glad you tried them, the cinnamon sugar sounds so yummy, my poor kids just get sesamie seeds! thanks for the kudos!

Elena Manwaring said...

They look delish! I especially like the frosting dip. Mmmmmm... You look so familiar to me. You don't have a sister named Amy by chance do you? Maybe I just feel like I know. Weird...

"The Queen in Residence" said...


I am a born and bred Utah girl, but I have heard there are alot of my look-alike out there. I just hope that they are more normal than me. I do not have a sister named Amy, but a psycho named Jackie, that is another long story.

"The Queen in Residence" said...


Come on over we love cooking guests. I am with you were did the sun go.....I am freezing!!! We have the fire going this morning.


You are so welcome. I love your blog and I am so glad that you did not go private. It is part of my morning blog hits. Plus, I am learning creative photo angles from you so I look more like I know what I am doing here. I still cannot get the rotation thing down, that is next.

Jennifer P. said...

Seems like we're cut from the same cloth---whatever we put the effort into cooking becomes the meal. Even if it is a batch of cookies or sugary pretzles, it's what we're eatin' :)!

Those look so yummy!

Isn't Emily crazy talented when it comes to entertaining kids? They're going to be totally ruined for any average woman!

Meghan Cleverly said...

Yummy! You didn't bring me any..... :)

Kate said...

What a fun idea to get the kids involved and didn't include the tv- which does happen to be a great entertainer on dreary days! Anyway- PROPS to you my friend!!