Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Slave Camp

Last week was the first week of summer for us. I let the kids sleep in, stay up late and do whatever they wanted, mostly cause I was not ready for "Summer Slave Camp."

Today was a different story......

When their little eyes opened, I was up cooking a good breakfast and ready to let them know how things were going to be this summer. First we ate and then the kids got ready, cleaned their rooms, brushed teeth and hair and then they thought that they were done,

I was ready for them!
The kids got to choose which desirable chore they could do from the chart I have listed on the pantry door. "Drama Queen" picked the toilets, (don't ask, I do not know why she loves scrubbing them, but she does), and "Sweet-boy" swept floors and cleaned the bathroom mirrors. While they were doing these unsavory chores I swept and mopped the other rooms and vacuumed.

So what usually takes me 2 hours to do took just an hour. Then I informed "Drama Queen" that she was in charge of lunch today. So she made sandwiches for us and then we headed out to run errands.

What a nice day!

I think the only reason that this is working is that they have been very naughty over the weekend and have lost their privilege to enjoy this for 2 days.
But that is not going to stop the man and I from enjoying it!


Laurel said...

my house is a disaster...maybe i'll see if liam with help clean up rather than make a mess.

Kate said...

I love the pool! Have you had it for very long? Great incentive to get the chores done on a daily basis!

Meghan Cleverly said...

How funny! i just read the comment you left me ( or i should say my mom but i am the one that did most of those posts but now i can't) I didn't win that scooter it was my brothers friends and i make deals with him :)

Anonymous said...

Can you believe this; I made my way in. But I don't know what else to do. We always love the music; where does that come from? Ron knows when I am looking at your blog because of the music. Sorry about the kids; they'll figure it out very fast with that pool as an incentive. Love MommaC

Elena said...

Summer Slave Camp...I love it. It's going on in full force over at our house.

"The Queen in Residence" said...

It is never too soon to start. I keep telling my kids about my summer slave camps and they think I am kidding. They have no idea how easy they have it. Our summers consisted of ripping out tree stumps and clearing 2 acres of land. We all hated summer!!!

We just got it. I worked like a dog to save the money for it since our backyard is going to be our vacation this season. It has been up 4 days and no warm weather to swim in it. So we have our water storage I guess.......

You are too cute. Keep up the blogging. I asked about the scooter cause Sis has a green one just like it. Come over and swim anytime you want to!

Momma C-
You did it!!!! Keep them coming. I love the music too and the kids and I search for hours to find just the right music for each post. I guess that it is computer bonding time.

What else do you do with kids during the summer then make them wish that they were back in school. I love having them home, but if they think that things are not going to get done, well, they have figured it out already. Thanks for visiting, I love your blog - part of my daily blog hits.