Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Vocabulary Lesson......


1. low-paid: paying or involving only a small amount of money ( slang ) a nickel-and-dime job
2. minor: small-scale, or of little importance ( informal )

transitive verb (past and past participle nick·el-and-dimed, present participle nick·el-and-dim·ing, 3rd person present singular nick·el-and-dimes)
1. impoverish somebody through small expenses: to get somebody or something into financial trouble by accumulating many small costs and expenses ( slang )
2. bother somebody in many small ways: to hinder or harass somebody with trivialities and insignificant matters
I feel like I am being nickle and dimed to death.
Anyone else feel this way??
I got to the store once a week and in that time things have increased to where for $100 I used to get 8-10 bags full of groceries and now I am lucky to get 5. Lets not even talk about meat.
Then there is the blessed trip to the pump.
I am a God fearing, tax paying, SUV driving Momma. I will never change and when I begged "the Man" to buy me my dream car, the Explorer with all the bells and whistles, it cost $35.00 to fill it. That was in 2004, now I get a PANIC ATTACK each time I have to go there and watch the numbers go higher and higher and higher.
When is it ever going to end!!!!?
I recall reading a newspaper article about the cost to the gas station owners. The cost being their need to install pumps that would allow them to post the gas price higher than $2.99. Does that send a huge message that no one, no one, in their infinite wisdom thought that they would need to ever set those old gas pumps that high.
I think that they were on to something.
Anyone think the lotto will pay out? I'm going to Idaho to get me a ticket..........


Elena said...

OH! I hear ya! I'd ride my bike if the wind would stop for a day or two.

Kate said...

Yes, it's very painful for me as well- watching my hard earned dollars tick away with every drop of gas that goes into my tank. And it's not the pulling a band-aid off kind of pain- it's more like getting lemon juice on an open wound and then rubbing salt into it for the sheer pleasure of it! (No, I'm not a sadist!) OUCH!

Emily said...

Jeff thinks that gas will go well over $5. And-- my parents bishop told the whole ward to prepare and put enough money away for gas prices heading toward the 12-15 dollar range. SCARY!