Saturday, June 21, 2008

What a Dad!!!!

Having spent the week with my kids, sleeping in a queen-sized bed with the "Sweet-boys" feet ending up in my face more times then I want to remember, I needed a break!!! So "the man" sensed that he needed to spend time with the kids and get them away from a crazed mom, decided to do the tent thing with the kids. We have not done the tent thing for a while but our Eagle Scout and 2 budding assistants raised it in record time.
I had forgotten how big that thing is and how perfect for them to sleep in.
All ready for bed the kids got the tv set up and began watching movies. If they had been older I would have loved to go out and scare them, but that will have to wait for another time.
My Man and my hero!!!


Elena said...

So fun! Our poor tent was very old, holey, and a bit moldy, so it got tossed last summer. My husband swore he would never pitch a tent again and we bought a camper. But that looks like so much fun, I might have to break down and get a tent just for the back yard.

Kate said...

Too cute! What a great summer activity and what memories they'll have of their dad!