Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

It has come!!

Ten years I have waited, missed sleep, been the human napkin, put their needs ahead of mine, grown a good crop of grey hairs, and it is finally here. The First Day of School and I do not mean Kindergarten that is really not school and that does not start till September 2nd anyway. I mean both kids out the door, to school, all day. I know that I should be crying but right now I am so happy that I can hardly stand it. The house is so quiet, there is no fighting, the beds are made and I can hold a thought in my head. Now that is something to celebrate!!

Okay, enough of the celebrating. What I really want to show is my cute kids and the first day of school, so here we go........ Sweet-boy all ready to go. They even made their own lunches while I was at work last night. I looked and they are not nutritionally great, but they made them and I think that is a great habit to start.
My girl, can I tell you that I love the long shirt-dress look. I am so tired of all these kids with their bums hanging out everywhere.
The very brave face. He was so excited to go to school that he was up at 6am and dressed and already telling me it was time for school. Both kids snuggled with me this morning till my alarm went off and then it was the start of the busy morning hustle.
Drama Queen lost a tooth last night. She is falling apart. She did not want me to help with the hair, but she has alot of gel in it. My big 5th grader.

Sweet-boy at his classroom. Their theme is "Cars", something that he really likes. Already kids are in and getting busy with their first project. We found his locker and put his backpack away and got to his desk. I think that this is going to be a good year. His teacher is new to our school but not first grade. She is so nice and so calm and she understood my little guy right off. He is so tender and wants to be every ones friend, but already the boys are being tough. He is energetic, full of life and she understood that her job is to love him. That was it, after that I was sold on her being the teacher for him. Last year I hope we never repeat, but I have high hopes for this year. We will see at 1:30pm when they get home, he might fall apart the day is so long and maybe not.
Drama Queen in on the other side of the building. Last year they were 3 classrooms away, good and bad on that one. Her teacher is also new, but has been a substitute teacher and so she knows her and was excited to have her. Their theme is the ARMY - A Real Mighty You!
Kids from last year that will make her feel right at home. I think I have about a dozen pictures of "The C man" with his tongue hanging out. Drama Queen is sitting right next to one of her friends, so this could be good or something that gets changed right away.
One last look in on Sweet-boy and I am off. Look at the learning that has begun. What a fun room it almost makes me want to be right there with them, but then again.......

I walked home with the other mom's and listened to them talk about their day and I began to think about mine. What to do with myself? Thank goodness I did not have to think long, my sweet VT dropped off this little goodie to help me celebrate the first day of school.

Now that is what I am talking about, Truffles, a Diet Pepsi to myself and a quiet house. This is the good life.

Happy First Day of School!


So the kids are home and I can tell that they needed to have more play time. They are nutts and fighting and wanting to go swim. I think that is a great idea and something that they need to go do. Both liked school and are happy and still excited for tomorrow. That will be the real test, can Sweet-boy handle the all day thing? We got a nice note from his teacher that he did great and that the rest of the year will be wonderful. I can only agree. However, only time will tell and I am learning that I have to let go and let them figure things out on their own.

And to Quote my bloggy friend Elena - And.....they're off!!


fennbunch said...

I am so envious of you. I so wish that I was happy about my kids being gone. I can't stop crying! Enjoy those truffles, they look good. By the way, I love the picture of your girl with the harp - so cool!!

Laurel said...

What a great day...enjoy it!

Elena said...

That is a GREAT VT! (I should use her example, but I'm not going to.) I love that your daughter doesn't want help doing her hair. I'm going to cry the day that happens here. But your baby did her hair beautifully. I still have 4 years until all my kids are in school all day. But I must admit it is MUCH quieter with just two home. Although the day is QUICKLY coming to end. It went MUCH too fast for me.

pawlyandsandy said...

congrats on getting the house back! I think that is the grand reward for motherhood, kids go to school and mom's can slowly get their sanity back. Enjoy the chocolate!

I'm not at St. Luke's, I work for IMI, a medical imaging company, that does their own imaging and some x-ray for St. Al's too. It's really going well, good people, good fun!

Jen said...

Look at all your cuties going to school. I am so jealous of your quiet time. Enjoy!

Heather said...

What's a girl to do? Blog and scrapbook, of course. I still have one preschooler at home, so I'm about three years behind you with all of them gone all day. Definitely makes me sure that I am done having babies...I can't imagine starting all over again!

Hope your sweet boy had a great first day! (They both looked adorable!)

Caroline said...

What beautiful children. Looks like the first day went smashingly! What is it like to have a quiet house? I've been chasing a giggling almost two-year-old around the house today playing hide and seek and tickling him. I like it when the house is filled with laughter, but it would be nice to have peace and quiet some days! Lucky you! You worked hard for this day my friend!

Jennifer P. said...

They do look happy :)! And I feel I've already chatted with you so much today I don't know what else to say---ha!

Glad you enjoyed your quiet day!

(and the designer in me notices little things---like the wreath on your door---VERY cute!)

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Jennifer P-
The Autumn Wreath has been up for over a month. I am tired of the summer heat (100 yesterday) and am dreaming of fall colors and fall temperatures. But it has not worked yet....... still dreaming though.

Aubrey said...

I really like drama queen's hair pulled back like that--it looks cute (from the front ;) ) kudos to her--that's the age when I started doing my own hair too. My mom just didn't do it cool enough! "lots of gel"--funny.