Saturday, August 2, 2008

Twin Falls or bust......and a surprise visitor

Before we begin with all the fun of our latest trip, an update.......
Guess who came a calling? Yes, it was Snakey.

Why is it that every time I am mowing the lawn in my bare feet that he decides to come out of hiding? If you want to read about our first meeting of Snakey, click here.

Needles to say that the kids were so happy to see him again. I was less then amused and very wary that he might have brought more friends home with him. Okay now on with the fun!!
So we began our journey all spiffy in our Sunday best.

We were cruising along at a good rate and suddenly the car is leaning to the right and there is a loud, thud,thud thud sound. I look to "the man" and say "I think we are in trouble!" So we pull over and get out to see our front tire smoking and completely thrashed.

I pride myself on being a car-gal, but I have never changed a tire, nor had one disintegrate on me like that, so needless to say I was a little shaken. We told the kids to stay put, I think they heard us, but they were deep in a movie. Thank goodness for in-car DVD players. So "the man" and I begin to get the spare and change the tire.

I would like to thank Idaho State Police for their kind consideration of at least changing lanes before they passed us. I am glad that it was not just me on the road cause I might still be there waiting for their assistance.

Tire changed, shredded tire secured under the tailgate and we once again start for our destination. I was so glad that we had left early and that we had been making good time, because that little episode took it all. But we arrived in time to clean up and get settled before our tour of the temple.

It was truly amazing to behold. I love Temples, their beauty, their serenity and what made today the most beautiful was I got to share it with my children. To walk with them, and talk about our beliefs, to see their amazement and wonder and for them to see where our family unit really began. It is what I hope is the beginning of our family going to the Temple together.

We posed for pictures outside with our dear friends whom we met there. Then we headed off to feed the hungry troops and on to the next adventure of the day, Shoshone Falls.

This was truly amazing as the water level was still high so the falls were at their best, plenty of water rushing over them. We drove to the beach area away from the falls and spent the day swimming, rock jumping and enjoying just being together.

It was another great day!!!


Caroline said...

Wow, those falls are amazing! I love waterfalls. Good job with the tire! I loved that the police passed you, that's great. I mean, you probably weren't all too thrilled with that, but hey, at least you had the man to do the brunt of the work. Every road trip has to have some kind of adventure. Glad you made it there safely.

John Deere Mom said...

First of all that snake?! Ew! I can't believe your kids wanted to hold it!
That tire? OMG. That was one trashed tire. Glad you weren't alone. I would be clueless and crying. LOL
Glad you ended up having a good day. Gorgeous falls!

Elena said...

Sheesh, there always has to be some trauma involved. We should take our family to Twin and see the temple. And I have NEVER seen the falls there. How's taht for pathetic. I only live 2 hours away.

Laurel said...

I love the pic of "The Man's" bum! So funny! It seems like crazy things always happen when your trying to get to the temple. Glad you made it.

Kris said...

Isn't that the truth about the Hwy Patrol? They just zip on by! Glad you made it to the temple and to that gorgeous waterfall! Looks like it ended up as a great trip!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures of the temple. I wish we could go see it, too!

Jennifer P. said...

It's fun to know that you were a little closer to me! I'm really hoping to get down there before the dedication. I've heard such great things, and still have all the memories of attending the Boise Temple open house as a young girl.

I hope you have some peace concerning your "road map". We really are put where we're put for a purpose, and unless we just let go of the rod and run amuck, I don't think we can make too many mistakes that God can't fix. Just stay the course and I know everything will work out for you.

fennbunch said...

I am glad you guys made it, flat tire and all. I think there were forces that were trying to cause problems so we weren't able to make it either. There was so much contention in our car and within the family the whole morning, but once we were on our way it was Twin Falls here we come! It was such a great day and I miss you already!! We have to do a Time Out, we need to get it figured out!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

N-I thought about that alot, something wanted to stop us from getting there, was it the kids and what they will do and who they will meet later in life? The amazing thing was that there was no fighting, no yelling about how to get the tire fixed, I just turned to the man and said, I have never done this before and I became his asistant. I was so glad he was there cause alone I think I would have sat down on the road and cried. Then to have the police drive by would have put me into hysterics. It turned out to be such a great day!!!!

pawlyandsandy said...

Wow you're pictures look professional! I'm glad you made a trip up to see the temple, we went last month and loved it! I too thought it a treat to take our little guy. It was a beautiful and peaceful place. I bet, or at least hope, that if the trooper had just seen you he would have stopped to help, but with the husband in charge there, he must'v thought you guys had it under control. Funny, but we had to get new tires on our last trip to UT. oh the irony