Friday, August 29, 2008

Tag, your it!!

Four Places that I go Over and Over
1. McDonald's for a 99cent Mr. Pibb - yeah I know that I am totally addicted
2. The restroom
3. Library
4. Target

Four Places I'd Rather Be
1. A Carribean Cruise with my Sweety
2. Lake Powell
3. Touring Europe
4. Sleeping

Four People I talk to on a Regular Basis
1. Parents both sets
2. Hubby
3. Nicole through the power of e-mail
4. Christy or Daniele

Four Places I like to Eat
1. McGrath's
2. Nicole's kitchen for homemade Mexican - yummy
3. Marelia's
4. Japanese Steak House

Four People I Tag
1. Nicole
2. Megan and Meghan
3. Jennifer P
4. Aubrey


Jennifer P. said...

Hey! there's my name ;)! I think I've already taken this at one time--I'll check and see, and if not I would LOVE to be tagged :)!

And I suppose you can still be my friend even though you like stinky McGrath's. Fish---eeew :P. But the japanese steak house---oh yeah!

Aubrey said...

Stink, I just saw this and you took some of my answers already! ;)