Friday, August 22, 2008

To Grandma Jeans' we go

In these last two weeks before school begins we are sure packing in alot. The last was our trip to see Grandma Jean. It was her birthday and we could not think of anything better then spending it with her and helping her at Kolob.

Upon arrival, Drama Queen began teaching herself a song that Grandma has been working on for months. It was amazing how quickly she picked up the song.

Sweet- Boy making sure that Grandma's heart is alright and judging by the dial it is alright for the fun-filled week ahead.

So serious about her song, such a beauty she is becoming.

After the heart checking and the harp playing it is time to cool off in the pool. It was 105 when we reached our destination despite a down-pour earlier in the day. That was exciting, as we hydroplaned and went off the freeway backwards. Needless to say that mom drove like an old lady the rest of the trip, it took a good 25 minutes to stop shaking after that one. Another small miracle.

Swimming in the pool is the best thing that we can do in the heat.

Sweet-boy is so excited that he can swim under water and the whole length of the pool now, even the deep end with mom and sissy.

She is the only kid I know that makes a swim cap look good. The kids swam and swam and only came out for dinner and then went right back in till it was dark. They were having so much fun until the bats came out and started skimming the water and that freaked them out enough to get out for the night.


Next day we headed up to Kolob and the cabin to finally do some burning. The ban to burn has finally been lifted and we had piles and piles of wood to get rid of.

The kids got good practice from our camping trip in gathering wood and were good helpers in keeping the flames high in the fire pit. I loved getting to play pyro and burn things. There was so much that at the end of the day we hardly made a dent.

Drama Queen made a game of chopping the twigs to size. It was hilarious to listen as she was the executioner and Sweet-boy was the voices of the accused. In the end no matter the plea all lost their heads and were burned. I know kind of twisted but if it kept them going and helping to get the work done then I am all for that.

We brought up some dinosaurs and the kids built a cave house for them with a bark roof. They both were so dirty and yet so happy to have spent the time with Grandma.

Happy Birthday Grandma Jean.



Elena said...

Yikes! Hydroplaning off the road? Scary!! And does it get any more fun than water and dirt? Cute pictures.

Jennifer P. said...

What a beautiful harp! Your daughter looks like a natural behind it!

And yet she looks just as natural out there in the wild!

Glad you've had such a fun time ;)

John Deere Mom said...

Looks like a great day! And so much fun. Enjoy your last weeks of summer. I can't believe there are people who haven't gone back to school yet. It's only been a week and a half for me and I can't even remember what summer felt like!

Jennifer P. said...

I just sent you an email about your comment--but I don't know if it got to you or not since you're a "non-reply" person.

Anyhow--the fair ended today, so NO FAIR FOR YOU :)! Also, I didn't know if you were coming down with Aubrey--but she and I had talked about getting together for some ice cream and I would LOVE it if we could do it all together!

If you get any spare time while you're here, give me a call! If you'll email me, I'll give you my number :)!

pawlyandsandy said...

I think I've forgotten the joy of being dirty, it's just so nice to be clean. I'm sure my boy will help me remember the joys of dirt though.
I'm not surprised that the kids didn't wanna stop swimming, that's how all my summer days were spent growing up, I really have missed being in the pool this summer.

What a fun trip, glad you didn't roll off the road, yikes! that sounded scary!