Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spring Hollow

We headed up Logan Canyon to enjoy our favorite camping spot. We had been there before but as I am prone to do, last time I scoped out the best spot and that is where we were headed. It has the most shade and seclusion and with the river running right behind us, provided the best little hideaway for our camping adventure.
We arrived and began setting up camp only to discover that the batteries on the trailer were dead, so we pulled the car around and gave them a good charging from the Explorer.
Finally the camp is all set, our new little home is all ready for camping. See the seclusion and the river, ah, it was a beautiful camp spot!
So with the kids out exploring we set about working on the pile of wood that we need for that night's fire. Notice the delight on Drama Queens' face. Although she did not want to be gathering wood, she is the best little gatherer I have seen and we never ran out of wood.

"Sweet-Boy" is in the river, big shocker.
Along the river we met a really nice family that was more then willing to let the kids experience Kayaking. So "Drama Queen" went out first and she picked it up like a pro.

Look at that determination. She really got the hang of it quickly.
What an accomplishment for her, all by herself.
Next, "Sweet-Boy" took a turn. Troy, whom we met up there, was more than willing to let him take the paddles and go for a ride.
Look at the little man, doing so good all by himself.
I know that this will be something that we will need for the future, fun for the kids and fun for the grown-ups as well.

Next day we prepared for the big hike of the day and some more exploring.

We let the kids pick the route for the hike and needless to say it was straight up and very hard on the adults. After a while we all decided that down was the way to go.

"Drama Queen" and I decided that we wanted to explore some more and took the hike that we should have gone on. It was easier and took us to the top of the mountain so we could look down the whole canyon. It was a great time together as she sang to me the whole time we hiked.

This is when the scary part of the trip began.

The kids wanted to use the Bow Saw to cut the long pieces of wood. Something that I was not so sure was a good idea, but Dad supervised all cutting.

Even "Sweet-Boy" cut some logs. Again a big accomplishment for the kids on this trip.

As with every other camping trip we read a book together around the camp-fire. This time I picked this book since the movie is due out in a few months. It has been hugely entertaining and also has allowed me to use my long forgotten Dramatic talents to make the characters come to life. We are not quite through but have really enjoyed this tale. Definitely a good kids read.

And thus, our camping trip came to an end. It was really fun to escape the regular schedule of daily life and to have no obligations but to have fun and fun we did.


fennbunch said...

I'm glad you are back online! It looks like you guys had a great camping trip. I wish we had a camper like that, it is probably much more comfortable on old backs to sleep while on the trip. I have read another Kate Dicamillo book called "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane", it was very cute! I didn't realize that she wrote the Winn Dixie book too. Such talent! Have a great time down south with Grandma. You guys are having a busy summer!

Jennifer P. said...

and then I showed up at your campsite and you were visited by a tornado and a gaggle of vicious animals and everyone got struck by lightening :)! HA! HA!

Looks like lots of fun! I loved that your daughter sang to you while you hiked. Very sweet!

pawlyandsandy said...

Looks like you had a great time! I really miss camping, glad you guys took the time to camp out. I really like the tradition of reading a book together around the campfire, I think I'll adopt that one for our family (if you'll let me)

Emily said...

Looks like so much fun, the pictures are so great! Glad you are back!