Thursday, October 9, 2008

Broken Bones Diner and Follow-up to A School Chair Did That?

To Celebrate the first Broken Bone in our family, dinner was at the "Broken Bones Diner".

The menu:

Everyone got a Menu by their place-setting and we got to light the candles. That is a big deal in our house. It means something special is happening.
The kids thought that this was such a great idea. I just hope that Sweet-boy does not take BIG chances so he can break a bone too.
The Bone cake.

I should have left it alone, the crack looks nothing like a cracked bone.

I never claimed to be a cake decorator.

Oh well it tasted great!

The kids did however really enjoy the dinner and wanted to have "Broken Bones Breakfast".


Today we went to the Orthopedic Surgeon or Bone Doctor to get the good news.

It is going to be fine.

It is broken good, but nothing that requires more then continued wearing of the soft-cast and weekly checks of the healing. They want to make sure that the finger does not rotate out and grow funny. It was good news for a mom, but very sad news for a kid that desperately wanted a cast for people to sign. So on the way home we stopped at a craft store, picked up a blank t-shirt, some Sharpy pens and prepared for a signing of the shirt vs signing of the cast. She was delighted over that one. Even though it has been a hard time for her and painful she has really been a good sport about things.

Of course I get to sign it first.

Then we were off to have lunch together and then back to school.
Here she is home from School with a signed shirt.
I hope through all this she remembers how much I love her. It has been nice to have her need me. She needs help getting dressed, washing her hair, even doing her hair - something that she NEVER lets me do. I have always wondered that when her brother showed up 4 years into her perfect-world-revolves-around-me life that she did not feel pushed out? I wonder did I push her too hard or too soon to be independent? She is and I am proud of that, but I also miss my little sweet-pea shadow, the girl that wanted to go everywhere with me. So even though it is for a sad reason that we must spend alot of time together, I am going to relish all these appointments, all these moments where she is mine to enjoy. I hope that it will register somewhere in her mind that Mom is and always will be there for her.


Elena said...

Oh good, I'm glad there's no surgery! Love the shirt, that will be fun and she'll be able to keep it in the end. I had to throw my cast away (for a broken arm, not my pinky) when my arm healed. The family dinner lookes like lots of fun. I love how you can see the kids reading the menu.

Saunders Family said...

Can I nominate you for the Mom of the Century award that may exist somewhere?!? I cannot believe how stinkin cute your dinner was! I am seriously blown away! Your kids are so lucky to have such a great mom!

Megan said...

I love that someone wrote "Broken bones beware!" I have a few guesses at who that could have been. But the real question is... did she have Josh or Miles sign her shirt? Then they can have it as a memory when she marries one of them down the road (probably Miles) :)
That makes me sad that she broke her finger but I love that you're taking advantage of all the time you get to spend together.... it reminds me of my cute mom and all the times she took care of me. I want to go give her a hug right now!
p.s. Next time I break a bone, I'm calling you to have a Broken Bones Dinner. You are too cute!!

Mrs. X said...

No you did not make a "Broken Bones" dinner! You are too much!

When she's all grown up the only thing she's going to remember about breaking her finger is all the love and attention you showered her with.

Busy Lady said...

Cute idea with the shirt! I love the picture with the thumbs up. Your husband does not look excited in the dinner picture - is he feeling a little neglected? I really hope your boy doesn't break his bones to get a special dinner. In fact with the daredevil that he is I am surprised he wasn't the first to break a bone.

Jennifer said...

This so awesome! She looks happy and love radiates from her face. What a memorable dinner. I'm sure it'll be one she won't ever forget.

Heather said...

hi, I found your blog on BATW. I was totally blown away by how awesome and create this was. What a fun and cute way to make your daughter feel better about her broken bone and to have a fun family evening!!

Jen said...

I am so sorry that your little drama queen hurt herself but it sounds like you are making the best of the situation. I love both your ideas, the dinner, especailly the cake, is awesome and the signing shirt, great. I am so going to have to remember that one. I have a feeling with our history, I am going to need it. ;)

Emily said...

What a great way to turn a boo boo into a fun dinner. The cake is HILARIOUS! What a nice momma you are.

When I broke my arm in 6th grade, all I got was a cast up to my armpit.

Kate said...

Love the creative dinner and the cute menus! The shirt was also a great idea; a much better keepsake than a nasty old cast!

Very cute! You're a great mom!!

Tiffiney said...

So glad she is going to be fine! What a cool are so creative..I see wear your kids get it! Love the shirt!