Thursday, October 2, 2008

Queenie Needs

I cannot remember where I saw this but wanted to try it.

Google the following: Your name needs....then just watch what comes up.

Okay I have to cheat since I do not disclose my real name I had to do my aka, but it rings true to what my real name said.....

Here are the top 10 results.

1. Queenie Needs a Loving Home

2. Queenie Needs Help

3. Queenie - Special Needs

4. Displaced Queenie needs foster home

5. Queenie needs Tagprofil

6. Queenie needs your prayers

7. Queenie needs our help

8. Queenie needs a baby

9. What Queenie needs to know

10. Queenie and Doogie need your help dogs

After this I realized that I need a loving home, I need help (big shocker) and maybe some form of medication to help me through, I also need your prayers. Google really knows me and that was just under an assumed name.....scary!


Mrs. X said...

Are you trying to say you are going to have a baby because Google told you need one?! :P

EmmaP said...

hahaha. that was great! I have done this before, and my kids thought it was so funny, that we did their names too.

Heather said...

My favorite was "Queenie needs a baby".

Any plans for a third?

(You could always borrow Gabe, if you ever feel the urge. He'll cure it :)

BTW, loved the firehouse pics from your last post. Just too lazy to go comment on that one, too.

Busy Lady said...

I love the picture of you! Who did your hair for that one? I love this post, too fun. The firehouse stuff looked like so much fun. The kids look like they had a ball. Good for you for finding such a fun activity for them.

Pennies In My Pocket said...

ROTFL - I just had to do this...

Melody needs shape to be memorable

Melody needs a singer

Melody needs some attention

Melody needs a friend

Melody needs harmony

Melody needs a foster or adopter immediately!!! LOL

Melody needs our prayers -- aww I can always use that!

TOo fun!


"The Queen in Residence" said...

Let me just tell you all that it would be medically impossible for me to have a third. That is why I laughed so hard about needing a baby. That is the last thing that Queenie will ever need.....

Jennifer P. said...

All hail King Google the all-wise, all-knowing, world leader!!! Eerie I tell ya ;)!