Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The tale of Three Little Pumpkins'

Three little pumpkins start out for the night,
dreaming of Halloween tricks and delight.
Along the way they get distracted,
by a six-pack nicely wrapped'd.
One sips, not too bad,
try two, now three and four, I'm feeling glad.
The night goes on in a blur,
this partying all night is great, for-sure.
Along comes the sun to awaken the brood,
but we find them all. in. a. mood.
Ones head is aching, the other just hurts,
the last one is moaning then turns and he spurts.
Poor little pumpkin, his merriment gone,
wishing he hadn't tagged along.
Dreaming of candy and tricks and treats,
instead of heaving on some guys street.
The moral dear pumpkin for this sad little tale,
Candy is better, avoid the ale.

So sorry for my attempt at being witty.

I got these pictures as an e-mail and just could not pass up the fun and a friendly reminder to be careful and safe this Halloween.

Happy Sugar Coma Day!!!


EmmaP said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH! DID YOU MAKE THAT UP???? too funny! by the way - did you say "Sugar Coma Day"??? I will take that as catre blanche to eat to my heart's content today!

Lori said...

Oh my gosh, that is so funny....gross!! lol

Tiffiney said...

I love cute and gross at the same you have a chance..I have something for you on my blog :)

Tiffiney said...

haaa. I just notice you already have the proximidade award...and it is from a funny is you have the same one again..from a Tiffiney :)

Pennies In My Pocket said...

I'm dying...that was hilarious!!! No 'attempt' at being witty...that was too funny! What's also funny is how I always get sick when I see those barfing pumpkins. lol Looks so real!


Sherri said...

That makes me want to get another pumpkin and carve him sick! That is so cute!!!
Your kids' costumes turned out great! I have a friend who sews her sons' costumes every year. I am always excited to see what she comes up with. You did a great! I used to sew a lot, but put it all away when I started having children. I still mess around on the serger sometimes, but nothing big!

Elena said...

Uhgggg...That's just nasty. LOL! Happy sugar coma day to you too. Hope it's lots of fun!

Busy Lady said...

Yuk! That was gross and funny at the same time. I was so glad to read that you received that as an e-mail and those weren't all your beer bottles! Yikes! I hope you are feeling better and can enjoy Halloween with the kids.

Jen said...


Motherboard said...

Hey! I am booing you-- but not in a bad way, a good way. Go get your prize from my blog!

Alyson said...

I'm visiting for the first time. Brad just told me that I could get to your blog by clicking on your name . . . and it worked!!! I'm excited to find out what thing are like in the Shiner home.