Thursday, October 30, 2008

You've all been Boo-ed!!!

This is such a cute picture and I know that you want to take it.
Go on, you can really have it. Motherboard gave it to me and I want everyone to get Boo-ed before the big day.
So if you have not been "Boo-ed" take this and add it to your blog.
Happy Halloween!!!


This Mom said...

Hope you and yours have a happy halloween.

Love your pumpkins

Caroline said...

Happy Halloween Queenie! Those spewing pumpkins are funny!

Busy Lady said...

Thanks for the boo! We finally got the boo at our house with treats last night and they were so yummy, chocolate yaaah!!! I hope you are feeling better and have stopped gargling with those rocks and nails! The flu is ripping around our school and church, so I am downing airborne like nobody's business! Have a Happy Halloween!!!