Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rocking Firehouse Fun

Tonite we went to our local Firehouse for some good family fun. Every year they open up the fire house and host a party that is really worth the visit. They have "See the Tot", Fire safety, Ident -a-kid and so many other things to help keep everyone in our community safe. Beside they made dinner tonite and I could just kiss them for that.

When we got there the kids wanted to spray the fire out first.
There was just a little line and the kids practiced their moves.

Drama Queen enjoying the excitement.

As we waited they were demonstrating Repelling off the big ladder. They went so slow but it was cool to watch. I really wanted to go do that one.

Here is Sweet-boy spraying with the fire hose, I think he got everything but the pretend fire. They told him he was hired.

Drama Queen doing her best to get those pesky flames out. She had a ball.

Next we are off to see the Medical Helicopter. As the kids were waiting it was time to get a helicopter tattoo. Where do my kids want it.....the forehead.

Drama Queen with her tattoo. She was so proud of that one.

Sweet-boy getting his tattoo. We have to do the same as cool sissy.

There we go. We even got some for later when they wear off.

The only time that my kids will ever be in a medical helicopter, I hope.

Great Story from the Queens' past: When I was a young thing I had this really great job working for an Air-Medical program. Okay it was LifeFlight with Intermountain Healthcare. Let me just tell you that it rocked!!! One year it was decided that we needed to replace the old helicopters with new ones. Thus, we were courted by all the manufacturers. Helicopters came in from all over the country and even from Sweden. To test them for our unique altitude and transport needs we flew those helicopters for hours and hours. Changing out payloads and going faster and farther up the canyons. My job was to fill the helicopter with anyone that was willing to go flying. I called my brother and he came and rode the entire day in those helicopters. He said it was one of the best days of his life. Word got round that I was the one to talk to and so people were banging on our office door to get a ride. It was great fun. Anyway, the organization bought 2 Augustas', Sweddish made to the tune of $3.5 million. That is per ship. Fast forward to September and we are sending one of those fancy aircraft to the National Medical Conference in St. Louis. I am one of the lucky ones to attend. So I fly out there commercial, attended a great conference, then flew home with the pilot in the helicopter. It was so amazing to just feel like you were floating. We would land in these small airports to refuel and all the locals would come out to see "that pretty red hellacuptre." It was so amazing till we hit a storm outside of Denver, Colorado and had to hanger for the night. While I worked there I got everyone I knew a ride. I even arranged for my hubby and me to have a special ride around the city on our first Valentines' Day as a married couple. Not only was it really romantic and something that we can remember but most people that ride that helicopter are in a coma or wishing they were. So there you go....

The kids with the tattoo lady/Flight Nurse.

The Big Fire Engine coming to give us a ride. However, we actually rode in one of the smaller brush fire engines and it was so fun. All the kids wanted to go on the fire engine and we didn't care so we had a private tour.

The kids loved being up so high.

The most amazing demonstration of the night was the Christmas Tree Fire. They had a stand fed by propane that mimicked a real Christmas tree on fire. This is when it first caught fire. The heat from it was so intense, we were backing up and I think that we were 30 feet away.

The firemen were amazing to watch, first they checked all their gear and aimed for the bottom of the tree.

Then they did this slow, moving as one dance towards the tree. You could almost hear the classical music playing as they danced forward. (I am remembering that scene from Roxanne).

As they moved forward the water changed from a stream to a mist. My guess was to shield the guys from all that heat.

Slowly they danced forward till they were able to shut off the valve for the propane.

Even then the tree still flamed. It was amazing and I think that we all were thinking that artificial is the way to go. That was just too scary to watch.

What a great night learning more about being safe. Our local Fire Department is amazing!


EmmaP said...

awesome. what a neat idea. great way to keep the community involved with their civil servants.

Megan said...

I just had to say that Shayelyn is already looking so much older in those pictures. She's such a beautiful little girl!

Caroline said...

Gotta love some Firehouse Fun.

Big Trucks.

Blazing Fires.

Lots of Food.

Men in Uniform.

Fun all around!

Mrs. X said...

I loved the story about your former job. How exciting!

The pictures of the Christmas tree fire were SCARY! Just another reason for me to keep on buying real ones. :)

Tiffiney said...

What a great story...and what a fun day it looks like you all had! :)