Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween *$%^&#* Costumes!

Generally I enjoy Halloween.

It is one of my favorite holidays and the kick off to all the best ones to come. In a perfect world I have discussed with the kids their desired costume for that year by August and by month end of September it is ready, hanging and just waiting for that magical night to finally be worn. This year - forget it. I delayed! I didn't even want to think about costumes, let alone the time needed to complete any outfit. So I waited and procrastinated even beyond the safe time needed to order something. Why was I so surprised to find all the costumes SOLD OUT when I finally got on line. I blog everyday and I could not check on the costumes, what was I thinking.....? Needless to say the problem still remained, two kids and no costumes for them. Okay, I can do this I have the machine, I have the desire (sorda), I can make them costumes.

We begin.
Disclaimer: I took sewing in High school. It was a disaster. I do not do patterns, I do not do instructions. I feel boxed in, stifled, my creative energy snuffed out when guidelines have to be followed. Needless to say my teacher just shook her head and in the end gave me a very acceptable B- for my many, many, many attempts that just did not seem to ever look like the picture.
Thus, we begin the formulation of a plan for Drama Queens' outfit. All I have to go from is a black/white page from the Internet. Boy is this going to be fun.......
I think I pinned thrice and sewed once. It was annoying to Drama Queen that had to come over so I could measure and re-measure and then pin, then try on and then re-measure again and then sew and try on yet again.

I always consider it a great accomplishment to get to the sleeves. If I could just do a big square with no sleeves I would be in sewing heaven. Curse you sleeves and zippers.

We are complete. Three broken needles, interfacing that gummed up the machine resulting in the need to staple the last hem and we are done. It is nothing like the picture, but she is happy with it and I can state that project is done.
Drama Queens' version minus the broom.

The much desired but completely sold out Internet version.
In the end $39.99 was a bargain for this compared to my pain and suffering.

Now that Drama Queen was all set it was time for Sweet-boy to get his costume. His was one that I thought would be easy to do with some card-board and lots and lots of colored Duct-tape. So I pulled out the measuring tape and began carving out the pieces. Turning 2-dimensional pictures into functional costumes is something I hope not to do again soon. Sweet-boy was really a good sports with all the measuring and testing of this and that to make it all come together. His costume was not as time consuming but still hard to make work. In the end this is what we got.

My version of Optimus Prime and the one that was $29.99 and completely gone as well. He was such a good sport about having it taped to him. He also had to develop a swagger to walk with all that card-board on him.

All this stress was in preparation for a Trunk-or-Treat at the church. They had great chili and corn bread. Games for the kids and a costume parade and then the high-light of the night..... Trunk-or-Treat.
This a great way to get candy and not go very far. All the cars park by each other, open up the trunks that are/are not decorated. So in about 30 minutes they get gobs of candy and then we all go home.
At the end of the night I think it was a good night. I asked the kids if they had fun and of course they did. Sweet-boy grabbed me and said, "Mom, the big boys knew what I was and they thought it was a cool costume!"
That says success to this tired Mom and for all my trouble they shared some of their candy with me and a big HUG.


Elena said...

I think you should have just let your daughter sew up everything. She seems to have knack for it. :) Although, I must say, I think you did GREAT. I refuse to sew Halloween costumes. It's the one time of year I'll buy $40 play clothes for the kids. They wear them all year long so I feel like I got my moneys worth. And I have SO been there trying to buy late. NIGHTMARE! Good job Queenie.

EmmaP said...

I am like you! i am no good with patterns. i have made a few costumes "pattern free" and I remember one year whipping up a red ninja costume out of felt and used a black sharpie to draw the logo i had seen online. thank goodness he already had the black sweatsuit to wear underneath.

I actually like you daughter's costume better than the online version. more halloween-y. 3 props for you!!!

Aubrey said...

Queen, you're funny. They look great. My kids keep using the costumes my mom saved from when we were little. I'm making her hard work from wenty years ago REALLY pay off.

I guess the big holidays are right around the corner now, huh? What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving?

Busy Lady said...

I loved those costumes! You are so creative!! I am holding you to your promise that you will help me make my little princesses baptism dress in a few years! Come now, you know making that blessing dress 6 years ago was such great fun!! Me crying, you laughing, we just have to do it again. I love the thriller music by the way, it makes me want to get up and do the dance!!!

Alamodey said...

Loving the costumes! Big boys thinking your costume is cool is definitely the stamp of aproval. I think they look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Whose church did you go to????? You didn't come to our ward's party. although that sounds funner

texasholly said...

OMG. You HAD me at that first picture of the sleeves! That is how it would be if I were to attempt such a feat. They turned out amazingly well. Seriously! Great. So funny.

Mrs. X said...

They came out great!

I have yet to purchase ANY costumes. My 7 year old kept changing his mind, which meant my 3 year old had to change his mind since he wants to be just like big brother! So tomorrow I will be hitting ALL the stores in town to see what's left! Wish me luck ;)

Saunders Family said...

I am SO impressed! You are amazing- way to go!

Jennifer P. said...

i kind of went into a trance there at the mere sight of a sewing machine. Those things HATE me I tell ya!!! Your costumes turned out GREAT though! Your kids will love you forever and ever for making them!

And trunk or treat.....ah! thing the church ever invented :)! I think it should become it's own article of faith or something!

Cairo Typ0 said...

Those are great costumes! I'm always jealous of crafty people. I have no sewing or other such skills. Your kids look adorable! :)

Thanks for visiting on my BAtW day! ;)

Mamasphere said...

Wow, those costumes are great! I wish I could do homemade things for my daughter, but I am severely lacking in talent. I have the sewing machine out from under the stairs so I can start learning, but so far it hasn't made it up onto the table.

Sam said...

I am SO impressed that you sew at all, let alone make costumes for two kids! :) We bought ours at Target, and I thought I was being pretty crafty just because I thought of it early when there was still good selection. :)

Thanks for your birthday wishes on my blog!

Lori said...

Oh you are such a good mom!! Your sons words brought tears to my eyes...that's all that matters in the end...that he liked the costume, everybody knew who he was and that they thought it was cool!! I LOVE Drama Queens costume!!! You did fantastic and I like hers better than the internet one!!! :)
Great job!

Tiffiney said... do great work..wish I could make costumes...we spent over a 100 dollars in costumes...and btw I just saw you already got your just forget the other comments about the award...geezz I am so blues cluesed out today..time for a great night! :)

Jen said...

I must say, I am so impressed. WOW!