Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Our next adventure.
Just outside of Boise there is a place in the middle of no where, on the road to Elko if you miss the turn, that is just amazing. As you drive up there are these gigantic mountains of sand and in the middle of them is a river area. This was our next adventure - Bruneau Sand Dunes.
It was a perfect day. A dusting of clouds, calm water and the place almost all to ourselves.
We set up our stuff and quickly started exploring the water. It was wonderful as it never got any deeper then my waist so I knew the kids were safe to go out swimming.
It was cold and took a while to get used to, but once they were in, they were in that water.

The sand dunes were white sand and the water sand was black. It was a stark contrast but one that we really enjoyed and the rocks, all different kinds. We quickly filled a bucket with rock treasures to bring home and look up on the internet.

Look at the happy kids. If it has water in the adventure they are truly happy.

Look at my happy feet. Too bad the water and sand did a number on my pedicure. It was time for another one anyway.

There were reeds all along the edges and some kind of water grass that the kids thought would be great to gather and make.......
...........a nest out of.
This was the monster's from the deep green kelp nest, or so I was told.
I had forgotten my watch and so we had to rely on the sun for our time que. We finally got loaded up and on the road at 5:30pm. It had been a long, but wonderful day with my kids. I love our adventures and sharing these wonders with them. They asked if we could do this again too, of course. But next time we want to make sure that Daddy can come too.
Tomorrows adventure is going to be the best yet - they get to clean the house.


Aubrey said...

Sweet--I need to introduce my kid's into tomorrow's adventure too.

You guys do such fun stuff. That's way better than the sinkin' zoo.

Kate said...

I love getting lost and finding the most incredible places. Especially when you have the place to yourself! What a beautiful and amazing world we live in!