Friday, July 31, 2009

Birthday Bash

Sweet-boy got invited to a great Birthday Party. It was all about water which is always a big hit. Happy Birthday to Miss B!!!
They played water games and had a blow-up slip-n-slide. If I knew the thing could take it I would have been going down. What fun for the kids.
One of the many trips down the slide for my guy.
The best part was the pool the kids splashed into at the bottom.

Then they had a pinata` that was really crazy to hit.

I love watching the kids chasing all the candy. It was the best too - Tootsie Rolls and bubble gum - yummy.

Showing mom his stash and I am already picking out what I want.

Funny part of the party is that Sweet-boy had another loose tooth that he has been hanging on to. So he went down the slide rather crazy and came up with a bloody mouth and a tooth no longer in his mouth. Yahoo he had lost his tooth and had a great time doing it.
Another great water day and the anticipated visit from the tooth fairy.


Heather said...

What is it about summer that makes kids lose all their teeth? Lula's daughter lost hers in the pool while we were there, Gabe lost his last week, Isabel has a couple of loose ones...

No corn on the cob for these kiddos, huh?

John Deere Mom said...

Wow! Looks like an awesome party! (And I am so dreading the losing of the teeth. That really just creeps me out!)